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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie John QJohn Quincy Archibald's son Michael collapses while playing baseball as a result of heart failure. John rushes Michael to a hospital emergency room where he is informed that Michael's only hope is a transplant. Unfortunately, John's insurance won't cover his son's transplant. Out of options, John Q. takes the emergency room staff and patients hostage until hospital doctors agree to do the transplant.


Denzel Washington as John Quincy Archibald
Gabriela Oltean as Beautiful Woman
Robert Duvall as Lt. Frank Grimes
James Woods as Dr. Raymond Turner
Ron Annabelle as Tow Truck Driver
Anne Heche as Rebecca Payne
Eddie Griffin as Lester Matthews
Daniel E. Smith as Mike Archibald
David Thornton as Jimmy Palumbo
Kimberly Elise as Denise Archibald
Shawn Hatosy as Mitch Quigley
Barry G. King as Personnel Manager
Heather Wahlquist as Julie Bird
Ray Liotta as Chief Gus Monroe
Laura Harring as Gina Palumbo
Nick Cassavetes

Denzel Washington picture of a desperate father is excellent and as
bind that struggles to find a way to get your child to be treated
and operated immediately, no matter what cost. The hospital has every
hostage until he gets. You can say what you're doing is wrong and illegal
, but at the same time that rises to the system, and
the fight against odds, but hey, you're doing is for your child. I praised when
said "I do not want to bury my son, I want my son to bury me!" In a
So, is ready to sacrifice himself to save his son. The hostages
takes, it seems that its supporters and mass audiences are:
at his side. And he also seems to be calm and friendly for them, too. The
ending was also perfect, and generally a great movie, and not to mention
big performances by Robert Duvall, James Woods and Ray Liotta
The great thing about Fellas, who uses his voice of Tommy Vercetti again!
Gotta love that guy, gotta love Denzel Washington, recommended for those who love him
If you liked this movie, or God forbid, you really believe that is good, I
questioning his sanity. John Q Pearl Harbor does seem subtle, that in his
emotional manipulation.

Although Denzel is one of my favorite players, took the floor to critics

and avoid this movie until curiosity (and my girlfriend - Robbie Hello!)
has the best of me. Horrible. Contrived. Handlers. Unlikely.
Impausible. Impossible. Ridiculous. Stupid. Silly. Overblown. And on and on
. Any of these words and many more that aptly describe this
production. What is thought Denzel? Even he could not transcend this

I loved the cast of sterotypical hostages. Always a colorful lot,
are. Think
speed or negotiator. Ethan Suplee as fat security guard and

Shawn Hatosy as the wife beater not forget come award season.
Then there was the crazy character of black support (Eddie Griffin). I
beings sterotypical child who is always
intellegent and infinitely more mature than someone that age really is. I loved the stereotypical wife
only cries and can not seem to think rationally. And then there was the

hardened veteran negotiator (Duvall), who thinks he is the one that has the
approach for handling criminal (which is a true friend). Then there are the comic
police chief (Ray Liotta) to do the job of negotiating

twice as hard because he is unable to let him just doing his job (taken directly
The negotiator). And James Woods as the cardiologist serving as
he has not conducted an operation in twenty years. But in this small hospital with such
staff shortages, it does operate, I wonder? Oh yeah,
Saturday. I forgot.

Then, in the film's core, is the absolute ridiculousness kindness of a lone gunman
be able to take over (and safe) to an entire wing of the hospital.
It is not going to happen.


I liked the way the film showed women of the accident at first. Showing

the accident at the time it is needed or not even show it and just
with what in the heart of nowhere would have been too obvious.
the little bit of intelligence that iban a little script that seems out of place
with the rest of the film.

of course, John Q saves the day and the child lives. What we hope,
reality? And, of course, the film makes an attempt to sterotypical the end

(A few good men) to not let the hero / criminal scott free downloads. What was

Robert Duvall, the negotiator, making escorting Q and the courts,
I doubt that part of his job description.

There is a lot more to dissect and tear up about this movie, but there are only

so much time in the day. Take a look if you want gemido
for two hours.


Download John Q
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