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Download Movie Secret WindowMort Rainey (Depp), a writer just coming off of a troublesome divorce with his ex-wife, Amy (Bello), finds himself stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger (Turturro) who claims Mort stole his best story idea (changing just the ending)... (Hutton plays Bello's new boyfriend; Dutton plays a private investigator hired to make Turturro's character leave Mort alone.)


Johnny Depp as Mort Rainey
John Turturro as John Shooter
Maria Bello as Amy Rainey
Timothy Hutton as Ted Milner
Charles S. Dutton as Ken Karsch
Len Cariou as Sheriff Dave Newsome
Joan Heney as Mrs. Garvey
John Dunn-Hill as Tom Greenleaf
Vlasta Vrana as Fire Chief Wickersham
Matt Holland as Detective Bradley
Gillian Ferrabee as Fran Evans
Bronwen Mantel as Greta Bowie
Elizabeth Marleau as Juliet Stoker
Kyle Allatt as Busboy
Richard Jutras as Motel Manager
David Koepp

Johnny Depp is magnificent! He is the image of his character, a little
Excéntrico, the writer alone, in general, his peculiar way.
Enjoyed seeing the movie just to see what he would say or do. I
impression that ad-libbing his monologues and
brought a smile to my face. The film itself has not done enough for me, however.
It's pretty straight-forward through most of it, there is nothing terrible, nothing
Inesperado. The man appeared at the door claiming Mort (Depp character)
Plagiado him. The man turns out to be a psycho, I believe.
By the way, why the family pet dead forever? I mean, ALWAYS! In
This is the dog. Things are a little more interesting when Mort
begins to think that maybe his wife's new boyfriend alienated could be
After all, he could have sent this psycho after Mort in
hopes to accelerate divorce, but things have come out of
Control. Mort still faces the groom on her. Their conversation
not fit in the turn toward the end of the film, however. In
Done, nothing fits torsion. It turns out that this psycho
There is Mort himself who has been doing everything possible to
itself. He's crazy. He killed his own dog. He killed his own neighbor,
Although he thought he had killed him because while he had seen the
Two of them together. It turns out that the neighbor saw only arguing with Mort
itself. Mort that killed the detective hired to intimidate the Gold.
Okay, the twist was a good idea, but it happened so abruptly that you
hit the temptation to rewind to see if you missed something. And
really inconsistent with the conversation he had with the boyfriend that Mort
had admitted that things were beyond their control. Or, who knows, maybe
That conversation never took place, either. Perhaps stood at Mort
gas station talking to himself. Well, an interesting film with a
Interesting, it's worth if the turn had been integrated better if there were clues
Since one could say later, oh I would have seen that coming, I would like to have
captured. But there was no indication that it appears and
Inventados. I do not believe that the move will hurt the reputation of Depp,
however. He did a great job and act, well, I am tempted to play a
Pair pieces again, to hear his peculiar little jibes itself
And his wife and the groom .. Glad I sat through it, but I have seen
"Secret Window" is another of those thrillers where
Acecha mysterious danger in the shadows. We can almost feel it, and so can the hero,
As he walks around his house, armed with a gun, ready to defend
itself at all costs. You hear a noise from somewhere behind him,
revolves around, and suddenly she realizes that it was just his imagination. He sighs,
Sets weapon, turns, and BOO! There's the bad guy, who
somehow has managed to enter the house locked and avoid being detected.
What if, I wonder, one of these times, the bad guy who was considered
entered? What happens if the fisherman from "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
had been sighted, and face by one of the girls? What if
Norman Bates' "Mother" have been exposed since the beginning? Then
presumably would be no movie, of course.

Although we know where "Secret Window" is addressed early enough,
David Koepp (writer of "Panic Room" and director of the well done "Stir of Echoes
" ) achieves maintain public interest through a series of suspenseful
Camera shots. Some are inventive, while others are simply
fun to see because we can guess where Koepp received his inspiration.

Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) is a successful author, who lives in northern
his beloved dog and a laptop computer. He apparently abandoned his
social life, never cut their hair, and carries quite silly glasses future. He has a personality
sarcastic and, presumably, do not understand very well
local residents, which generally keep to themselves anyway.

Mort life is changed forever when a strange man named John Shooter
(John Turturro) appears at his door, claiming that Mort has
"Stolen" in its history. Mort was handed a manuscript dirty. Within the pages
Excerpts are literally identical to those of Mort's own book, "The Secret Window
" published in 1994, three years before John wrote
His claims. "Secret Window", the novel is about a man whose wife cheats
Him. Powered by anger, the fictional character murders his own wife and
Entierra it in the "secret garden", which is located outside the "secrets
Window" from his home.

They say that art imitates life, and through a series of flashbacks
Mort, we learn that the novel has a mysterious resemblance to his own
Problems - "six months, "his wife (Maria Bello) had an affair with
Ted (Timothy Hutton). Mort assumes that John Shooter
have some kind of relationship to its past, and hires a detective (Charles S. Dutton) to
Finding the mysterious man who always seems to appear from nowhere when Mort is

Depp's performance is the climax of the film - if imitate Depp
Stephen King (author of the short novel "Secret Window" is based
A), he succeeds. Barely recognizable hidden beneath a layer of
Fans of technology in general, clothes and a disheveled appearance, Depp once again
demonstrates that he can cope with any kind of role as an actor - a Teen
afraid he has to be ( "Nightmare on Elm Street") to a Hunter S.
Lookalike Thompson ( "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas").

Koepp, who wrote the script for the movie, she realizes that the key to
The story is Depp wisely allows the performance of its lead actor to make
Loose. Meanwhile, the co-stars deliver all fine, convincing performances
And while the grand finale is a bit of letdown, and terribly
Previsible, style of the film is interesting. "Secret Window"
Better than most of its kind, although it is not a masterpiece
whatsoever. Only a pleasant Friday / Saturday night matinee, and
worthy of recommendation if it is not looking for anything special.

I could criticize the "turning point" of the movie and say that it has become
One of the solutions to overfishing, most Hollywood suspense films / mysteries
In the last decade, but I will not spoil it, and let you decide for
If you do yourself justice history.

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