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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Art School ConfidentialConvinced that art school will put him on the path to fame, Jerome (Minghella) must come to terms with his anemic talent, as he watches the girl of his dreams fall in love with another student. Then, strangely, he's arrested as a suspected murderer — only to discover that crime might actually pay.


Max Minghella as Jerome
Sophia Myles as Audrey
John Malkovich as Sandy
Jim Broadbent as Jimmy
Joel Moore as Bardo
Scoot McNairy as Army Jacket
Ezra Buzzington as Leslie
Terry Zwigoff

The beginning of this movie is hilarious. Jerome goes to art school and meets
Zany characters, including his gay room, his wannabe filmmaker
room, and his art teacher (played by John Malkovich).
The dialogue was witty. The public loved the satire of modern art,
because we all know how ridiculous modern art can be even
we have to be polite and circumspect when you look at it. The whole world could relate to the
perverted college humor. Unfortunately, all this silliness ended.
Right in the middle, the movie takes a turn in tone and with it took the
refreshingly simple but amusing plot.

Art School Confidential suddenly became seriously his characters, including the mysterious
choke. The decision to transform the film
a serious mystery is the principal flaw. With this initiative, writers
felt it had to incorporate a lot more confusing to achieve a
mysterious tone. In the end, the initial idea of simply fun
hearing was lost because of poorly developed mystery, leaving the audience disappointed

Why do filmmakers do this? They think because we have paid to see a
indie cinema, we want a dark plot twist crowned with a
ending unresolved. It's like having ice cream, fun and simple,
then someone comes over and adds a twist of lime and tops that with
crab apples! Dark, but not fun because it tastes strange and it
content with the ice cream itself. I recommend the first hour of
this movie.
I came into this movie expecting a mean, rude comedy in the vein of Zwigoff's previous
effort Bad Santa (a film that has more brain that
it gets credit for). During the first 3 / 4 or less of the film, which is what I
won, and I have enjoyed every second. Towards the last bit, the film takes a
turn darker than one would expect. This sudden turn, unexpected, since
is, does not feel trite or tortuous. More fascinating.

no mistake this a dark comedy in the true definition.
There is something about the end that is deeply troubling.

Ethan Suplee provides hyper-active aggressive role that has become
loved. Malkovich does not disappoint as the burning of desertion and
oh-so full of crap art teacher. Jim Broadbent channels Chuck Bukowski
here that barks like a pit-bull and alternately purrs like a tabby
not disheveled artist / nihilistic mentor our young Jerome, who
can only be alone and without really talented students
Strathmore University. The shot by Anjel Huston and Steve Buscemi in
deliciously understated roles, a string of murders courtesy of the legendary choke
Strathmore, and positively stunning Sophia Myles
naked as the drawing class model Audrey that becomes the object of
Jerome's affection and the source of their disappointment, and you have a masterpiece

Download Art School Confidential
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