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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Sidewalks of New YorkSix New Yorkers have an interrelated series of relationships. TV producer Tommy, who's just broken up with his girlfriend, has a short relationship with commitment-phobe Maria, who he meets in a video store, and also hooks up with married real-estate agent Annie, who he meets while apartment hunting. Annie is open to a relationship because her husband, Griffin, is cheating on her, which she slowly comes to realize through talking to her friend/co-worker who's gone through the same thing. Griffin, a 39-year-old dentist, is cheating with 19-year-old waitress Ashley, who he picked up in a park; she realizes she can do better when Ben, a hotel doorman and aspiring musician, tries to pick her up, in a belated attempt to recover from his divorce a year ago from schoolteacher Maria (the same Maria from the video store). Most of these relationships seem driven more by a desperate need to be in a relationship than actual love.


Penny Balfour as Young Hooker
Edward Burns as Thomas 'Tommy' Reilly
Michael Leydon Campbell as Gio/Harry
Nadia Dajani as Hilary
Rosario Dawson as Maria Tedesko
Kathleen Doyle as Katy
Dennis Farina as Carpo
Heather Graham as Annie Matthews
Leah Gray as Dental hygienist
Timothy Jerome as Dr. Lance
David Krumholtz as Benjamin 'Ben'/'Benny' Bazler
Libby Langdon as Make-up girl
Alicia Meer as Elevator girl
Brittany Murphy as Ashley
Ted Neustadt as Doctor
Edward Burns

Life and lovees of 6 New Yorkers by the writer / director Edward Burns

Heather Graham plays a disgrace married woman whose husband, Stanley Tucci
, is cheating on her with Brittaney Murphy, who is 20 years younger.
Meanwhile, David Krumholtz is attracted to Murphy, but she can t dump Tucci.
Graham also attracts Edward Burns, but not cheat on her husband.
Burns is attracted to her and Rosario Dawson Krumholtz, which is the ex-wife.
Got all that? Trust me ... Played very well.

's All right to talk about sex, love, sex, relationships, sex, marriage, sex too ...
Lot about sex, but it is interesting and all the characters are well prepared
And credible. Aid to act. Graham is just great; Tucci is so, but so -
OK; Murphy is interesting - it can be really good and really bad, but more good
that bad; Burns is very handsome and attractive (if a bit whiny ); Dawson
It's wonderful and Krumholtz is interesting. They all work well together (and
Separately) and really put through the script. Even when a real whopper
Melodramática is thrown in toward the end, it works.

Only two complaints - too long (Tucci and Murphy complained about the same
Thing FIVE TIMES!) And all with a shot handheld camera that forms
Too nervousness and annoying - I realize Burns used to reduce costs, but still ...

Assimilate and realistic ... Worth catching.

Download Sidewalks of New York
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