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(comedy, crime)
Download Movie Analyze ThisBen Sobol, Psychiatrist, has a few problems: His son spies on his patients when they open up their heart, his parents don't want to attend his upcoming wedding and his patients' problems don't challenge him at all. Paul Vitti, Godfather, has a few problems as well: Sudden anxiety attacks in public, a certain disability to kill people and his best part ceasing service when needed. One day, Ben unfortunately crashes into one of Vitti's cars. The exchange of Ben's business card is followed by a business visit of Don Paul Vitti himself, who wants to be free of inner conflict within two weeks, before all the Mafia Dons meet. Now, Ben Sobol feels somewhat challenged, as his wedding is soon, his only patient keeps him busy by regarding Ben's duty as a 24 hour standby and the feds keep forcing him to spy on Paul Vitti. And how do you treat a patient who usually solves problems with a gun?


Robert De Niro as Paul Vitti
Billy Crystal as Dr. Ben Sobel
Lisa Kudrow as Laura MacNamara Sobel
Chazz Palminteri as Primo Sidone
Kresimir Novakovic as '50s Gangster
Bart Tangredi as Young Vitti Sr.
Michael Straka as Young Dominic Manetta
Joseph Rigano as Dominic Manetta
Joe Viterelli as Jelly
Richard C. Castellano as Jimmy Boots
Molly Shannon as Caroline
Max Casella as Nicky Shivers
Frank Pietrangolare as Tuna
Kyle Sabihy as Michael Sobel
Bill Macy as Dr. Isaac Sobel
Harold Ramis

Number :***** lose **** Very Good Good ** *** You can leave a
* Avoid At All Costs rise

Analyze This is not one of the best comedies in history, but it is certainly one of
The best, most inventive and original screenplay and much while.The comic
Ingenius far are a success, and it is also smart compact giving

Shortly margin to be heavy and repetitive.Veteran gangster
stars Chazz Palmenteri and Robert DeNiro, his pamphlet cheerfully nasty gangster
Both uproarously fun and chilling effect. In the scenes where his characters

Gritos, DeNiro gets stir emotions, but because he and his
As repulsive attitudes towards all, it is hard to like them, a bad
Thing comedy.The in an Italian-American chemistry with co
star Billy Crystal, probably the most inspired was'nt intelligent or ever, and Lisa Kudrow
, not too talented performer of all However, it is unintentionally wasted
Here in a sense mostly paper, and, like DeNiro, its relationship with Crystal
is'nt the easiest of these minor hiccups digest.Despite however, AT
It is a huge success comedian higher, with moments of absolute
Hilaridad laughing out loud, and moments to touch the heart.Very impressive .****
A comedy complete farce. Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal are both
Very fun and that's how Joe Viterelli De Niro's hilarious
Jelly security guard. It's fun. Nothing is wrong with the film of the acceptance of their
Language. Nobody should complain about its content. Its content is
aims to be fun. When mobster Paul Vitti (De Niro) is suffering from anxiety attacks
for some strange reason, he sees a retraction called
Ben Sobel (Crystal) to resolve their tragedys and how to move through the crowd.
The idea is small and stretching too far, but still great fun.
For me this is the best De Niro comic performance of all. The most
Hilarious part in the film has to be crystal location in the church
Obtain hugged by a stranger. A 8.3/10.

Download Analyze This
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