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(action, adventure, comedy, horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie HellboyIn the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use black magic to aid their dying cause. The Allies raid the camp where the ceremony is taking place, but not before a demon - Hellboy - has already been conjured. Joining the Allied forces, Hellboy eventually grows to adulthood, serving the cause of good rather than evil.


Ron Perlman as Hellboy
John Hurt as Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm
Selma Blair as Liz Sherman
Rupert Evans as John Myers
Karel Roden as Grigori Rasputin
Jeffrey Tambor as Tom Manning
Doug Jones as Abe Sapien
Brian Steele as Sammael
Ladislav Beran as Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Biddy Hodson as Ilsa
Corey Johnson as Agent Clay
Kevin Trainor as Young 'Broom'
Brian Caspe as Agent Lime
James Babson as Agent Moss
Stephen Fisher as Agent Quarry
Guillermo del Toro

Let's be blunt, the film is essentially a bit of collecting wood and tainted
He has a bizarre climax. The start was too vague and overlong
fantastic, but once you realize this is a very different world, a really
Comics, and the normal rules do not apply, can be forgiven. In
Made from most of the flaws can be forgiven by Ron Perlman and
contributed to the image.

This is one of the few films that I have gone to see on the opening weekend
Possibly the only one. And I have done so because I was already a fan of Ron Perlman
and it's fantastic to see him in a leading role, despite the fact that the
Cutlery in makeup. Perlman is the best thing in this movie, he is
Perfect as Hellboy. He swaggers through it as if it had always been a man
leader. Delivering a line with ease and perfection,
Fighting monsters underground through city streets and sets, and
Giving a great comedian and a very emotional
you make love only big oaf red. A great feat considering the
Extensive makeup he had to act through.

And the makeup and prosthetics are the best of its kind I have ever seen. There
movement and expression on the lips at the time
you would think would be impossible. You might think at first that the lips are
Unexpressive and not stationary, but if we only pay attention
You will see that there is not much movement and subtleties to it.
Rick Baker is to be commended for his work on this is amazing.

Doug Jones is impressive as the body of Abe Sapien. His movements are
really beautiful. David Hyde Pierce and the voice is perfect. Abe is
Very interesting and pure character that I would not mind seeing more
. And his makeup is as astonishing as or better than Hellboy's.

John Hurt is big in this, as is Jeffrey Tambor. Everybody has this
a great job. But Perlman's performance as Hellboy
really owns the film together. His character stands out and speaks to the audience
Better than any other.

If you liked X-Men and Spider-Man does not expect a film and polishing
And together, but you should be able to enjoy it and the more open feel of the Comics
film. And unlike the aforementioned films
There is a bit of light at all humor that should Hellboy
Get some laughter from most anyone.

Hellboy is not perfect, I have changed some things, but I had fun watching
and at the end, especially for a movie like this,
I think that is what most matter. In fact I like now, after
Verlo again, that I walk outside the theater.
Towards the end of World War II, the Nazis participate in the effort to win the War
through the means of invoking the paranormal. They attempt to open a
"portal" of seven beings who are destined to invoke the apocalypse in
Earth, but a US Office of Research and Defense Parapsychology is at hand
To stop them before they get too far. They do not stop as quickly as they would like
, however, U.S. troops And soon discover that a child
Strange, part devil, part man, red, with horns and the demonic
Works, with a large stone right hand indestructible, has obtained
Through . They acquire the baby, we move in time to
late 20th Century, and most of the film deals with an adult Hellboy still
Working in conjunction with the U.S. government To help battle monsters
And the paranormal.

Hellboy is a 10 out of 10 for me, but there are a number of criteria
For any spectator who have a high opinion of him. One, despite
Director Guillermo del Toro is a big fan of the comics and Hellboy
Many of the comments were made by him, and comics creator Mike Mignola
General that the film is faithful to books, it has also said
has changed to suit the context of the movie, so you have to not
Being a purist about the source material to the screen translations (or current < br> Instantiations screen). Two, you have to have a taste for fantasy, where
The creators are not very interested in making material consistent
or plausible in the real world. Three, you have to enjoy your Fantasy
very dark (the horror side) and humorous / sarcastic in
Same time. Four, you have to like an epic, feel its expansion
Fantasy. And of the five, you have to not hate CGI creatures. I welcome all
Those criteria. How many will find probably determine how well you
As Hellboy.

What works best for me was the material that showed Hellboy,
Exquisitely portrayed by Ron Perlman, as just an ordinary man cum sassy detective.
Although he is half demon, a large portion of the comics, at least - and
This is an allusion to the film, especially in the climax - is a
Continuing nature versus nurture " discussion. " He was raised by humans who
were normal as could be, as government agents at a table
Dedicated to the paranormal. So you have a large number of human-like
Peculiarities, including a love of old music, beer, cats, pancakes, chili, and
Etc.. He is also a cigar smoker, smart-assed detective. Hellboy is in
Your best when it focuses on these characteristics.

But everything else works fine, too. Hellboy is a monster-like
Counterpart, Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), and a "freak" love interest,
Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), which are almost as fascinating as it is. The
Villano creatures and neutral (such as "half of the creature" with a role
Speaking towards the end) are equally captivating. There are also
Other characters provide welcome comic relief, especially
Tom Manning (Jeffrey Tambor). His adopted father, Professor Trevor "Broom"
Bruttenholm (John Hurt) is intriguing. And recently hired "caretaker"
John Myers (Rupert Evans), shows promise, even if it does not reach
spend much time with him here. Like many films of this type, I would like to see
All these characters continue to explore prequels, sequels and
Subsidiaries. That's a good sign, because it shows that del Toro and colleagues
Writers Mignola and Peter Briggs have conveyed a successful world
"deep" characters with a long history.

Significantly photography / lighting / production and establish
Design, which is consistently beautiful, and ranges from the popular
the latest trend monochromatic textures (blue is the color of < br> Election here), the strong chiaroscuro of comic books, to strike
Contrasts, as a majority that is monochromatic scene suddenly
Supersaturated penetrated by a flow of blood red. The sets are all
Participation from the exterior (one hilariously claimed to be in Newark, New Jersey
) to the interior, urban and rural areas, including foreign
expansive environments of space.

As for the effects, which are a big part of the film, I can not for
I imagine the life of someone who claimed that CGI looking "false" compared with
Mechanics, practices, stop motion (ala Harryhausen), and so on after
see this film. For my money, these are some of the most impressive CGI creations
however, including some big CGI fight scenes.

Hellboy is captivating, suspense and humor. It is well worth
Watch for anyone with a taste for fantasy.

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