Toy Love

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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Toy LoveLove is a game for Ben who lies and cheats on his girlfriend Emily, with the greatest of ease. But when he meets the sexy and unpredictable Chlo, the tables are turned. Ben falls head over heels in love, and is astonished to find someone even more immoral than he is.


Dean O'Gorman as Ben
Kate Elliott as Chlo
Marissa Stott as Emily
Michael Lawrence as Francois
Genevieve McLean as Nancy
Chris Dykzeul as Mick
Peter Feeney as Jim
Quinton Hita as Mat
Miriama Smith as Hinemoa
Kim Michalis as Imogen
Rose McIver as Lucy
Lynette Forday as Empathy
Harry Sinclair

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2. Max Coveri - Toy Boy - Hang To Your Love
3. Max Coveri - Toy Boy - Falling In Love
4. Mochipet - Girls love breakcore - Toy Piano Core (Featuring Twink)
5. Shiny Toy Guns - B-Sides and Remixes - Love Or Something Like It
6. Toy-Box - Fantastic - Thing Called Love
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