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(comedy, crime, drama, romance)
Download Movie BanditsA charismatic convict (Bruce Willis) and a hypochondriac inmate (Billy Bob Thornton) break out of prison in a cement truck and immediately start a bank robbing spree. Becoming known as the "Sleepover Bandits", the two kidnap bank managers the night before their robbery, spend the night with their families, and then all go to the bank in the morning to get the dough. Using a dim-witted stunt man (Troy Garrity) as their getaway driver and lookout, the three successfully pull off several jobs that gets them recognition on a tv show about America's criminals. When a bored housewife (Cate Blanchett) with a failing marriage decides to runaway, she ends up in the hands of the criminals. Initially attracted to Willis, she nonetheless also ends up in bed with Thornton and a confused romantic relationship begins. Continuing along with their spree, the bandits hit the wall when the bank managers realize that they are non-violent and therefore no threat to them or their employees. This leads to one more big score at the Alamo Bank, where in the very opening scenes, things appear to go awry.


Bruce Willis as Joe Blake
Billy Bob Thornton as Terry Lee Collins
Cate Blanchett as Kate Wheeler
Troy Garity as Harvey Pollard
Brian F. O'Byrne as Darill Miller
Stacey Travis as Cloe Miller
Bobby Slayton as Darren Head
January Jones as Pink Boots
Azura Skye as Cheri
Peggy Miley as Mildred Kronenberg
William Converse-Roberts as Charles Wheeler
Richard Riehle as Larry Fife
Micole Mercurio as Sarah Fife
Scott Burkholder as Wildwood Policeman
Anthony Burch as Phil
Barry Levinson

Bandits is a fun movie high, on average, laughs and low in most other
things, but I thought Cate Blanchett's performance was quite
Well, and, indeed, Billy Bob Thornton is hilarious. Is Bruce Willis Cool
his usual act. The story is not too deep, so you will not see the case
to go to something that make you think, but it is definitely
A fun premise, and the odd clever moments well enough to serve
Raise extra smiles. The direction of Barry Levinson is interesting,
But in reality is no more than half things are not pushed boundaries, nothing is too
dared attempt. In general there is really a lot to it, but
Who cares? It's just for fun. Kick back after a hard day's work and just
Enjoying this entertaining film.
Bandits is an interesting original movie about two fugitives, Joe Blake
And Terry Collins (Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton), which, after
Escaping from prison deciding to continue their robbing spree bank, but
With a different tactic. They kidnap the bank manager, led him to work
The next morning and get him to open the vault without complications
tellers and customers. This works fine until
runs on Kate (played to perfection by Cate Blanchett in a
Role overlooked). Sobrecargado Kate is a homemaker who stressed
decides he needs a little bit of action in their boring lives. She is a romantic relationship with Joe
and begins to rob banks with them, a little
extremes of a crisis of mid-life, no?. Later in the movie she was in love
Terry. Cate tear between the two and how
a rift among thieves. This is the interesting dilemma explored in this
The film since the two could not afford to be torn apart since all they have in life is
each other.

This film is fun than you might expect, which plays more like a comedy
a crime film. Willis well escapes its police person in the role of
Smooth likable Joe Blake. Thornton is great fun as Collins,
Neurótica paranoid partner. As mentioned above, is perfect as
Blanchett's love interest.

The end is welcome, if not a little waiting. The flaw in a large
This film is that the nature of Thornton, although clearly not entertaining
the criminal. Although the relationship between the two main characters is

Bandoleros is a fun, entertaining, original comedy which I commend to all
. Hang out and see this movie. Today, hardly a time when
not going to worship.

Download Bandits
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