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(comedy, crime)
Download Movie Quick ChangeWhen a man dressed as a clown enters a bank and trys to rob it, no one takes him seriously at start. But as this New Yorker pulls this daring robbery with the help of his friends, it looks like leaving the bank with all the stolen money is the easy part! All they have to do now is make it out of the city and to the airport. They have plenty of time, but its not that easy as they seem to get out of one problem only to fall into another. Will they make before the cops catch up with them?


Bill Murray as Grimm
Dale Grand as Street Barker
Bob Elliott as Bank Guard
Geena Davis as Phyllis Potter
Randy Quaid as Loomis
Kimberleigh Aarn as Bank Teller
Ron Ryan as Bank Customer
Brian McConnachie as Bank Manager
Jack Gilpin as Yuppie Hostage
Jordan Cael as Hostage
Rhe DeVille as Hostage
Marya D. Dornya as Hostage
Barbara Flynn as Hostage
Elizabeth A. Griffin as Hostage
Connie Ivie as Hostage
Howard Franklin
Bill Murray

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