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(action, adventure, comedy, western)
Download Movie Shanghai NoonA 19th century Western. Chon Wang is a clumsy Imperial Guard to the Emperor of China. When Princess Pei Pei is kidnapped from the Forbidden City, Wang feels personally responsible and insists on joining the guards sent to rescue the Princess, who has been whisked away to the United States. In Nevada and hot on the trail of the kidnappers, Wang is separated from the group and soon finds himself an unlikely partner with Roy O'Bannon, a small time robber with delusions of grandeur. Together, the two forge onto one misadventure after another.


Curtis Armstrong as
Jackie Chan as Chon Wang
Owen Wilson as Roy O'Bannon
Lucy Liu as Princess Pei Pei
Brandon Merrill as Falling Leaves
Roger Yuan as Lo Fong
Xander Berkeley as Nathan Van Cleef
Rongguang Yu as Imperial Guard
Ya Hi Cui as Imperial Guard
Eric Chen as Imperial Guard
Jason Connery as Calvin Andrews
Walton Goggins as Wallace
Adrien Dorval as Blue
Rafael B??ez as Vasquez
Stacy Grant as Hooker in Distress
Kate Luyben as Carson City Hooker Fifi
Tom Dey

Jackie Chan has to come back, this time with "Shanghai Noon". Unlike his previous
Movies, Jackie has finally found a sidekick works well
With him and is capable of playing outside their physical acrobatics.

"Shanghai Noon" is different from any other Jackie Chan movie that I have seen. It
is his best since "Rush Hour", and is among one of the best of all measures
Movies that I have seen with a real plot behind it. Previous

After seeing Jackie Chan movies such as "Rush Hour" and
"Rumble In The Bronx, expected to be dazzled with his comic
Talent, as well as the sequences action-packed. I was pleasantly surprised to learn
has each of the components and requirements that I
require a good movie.

Comedy Owen Wilson was treating this movie as he adds spark to a
already great movie. That is not the stereotype of the plot, "Shanghai Noon" brings
A lot of good humour, dialogue, action, excitement and even a bit
Romance. I was waiting for Owen Wilson look like Chris Tucker, but
"Shanghai Noon" Wilson proved to be much better than others
Jackie Chan sidekicks I have seen associated with him.

I was happy to have rented this movie so I can recommend to
Apparently, this film has been longer than in just six years, but I
I remember that was one of the first humorous today's martial arts films
shown in North America. He also introduced a much broader English -
Speaking publicly the charm and talent of the Asian star Jackie Chan,
is now known everywhere, even if it is in age.

This is considered one of the best films of Chan and the establishment
is certainly different than normal for him: the old American West. Good action scenes
some solid humor, fun and the people are nice cinematography
All advantages. Chan spoke English so there's no need for dubbing,

The only "less" I found was the last scene of action happens too long,
But that is typical of the films. In short, this is a very entertaining film
. Wlson Owen and Lucy Liu are also two major reasons for this movie
It became so popular.

Download Shanghai Noon
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