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(drama, romance, thriller)
Download Movie Return to ParadiseLewis, Sheriff and Tony are three American guys who meet and hang out one summer at the beach huts of Malaysia. There they enjoy the luxuries of women, rum and hashish. As the summer ends, Tony and Sheriff go back to New York, but Lewis decides to go to Borneo to help save the orangutan. But before he got the chance to leave, he was arrested for possession of the leftover hash and sentenced to death because he was considered to be trafficking. Two years go by and Sheriff and Tony are living their lives peacefully in The Big Apple when Lewis' lawyer tells them the news: three years each if they both go, six years if one goes, Lewis' death if neither go. Although they both do not want Lewis to die, they do not know him well enough to really want to sacrifice three years of their life to a Third-World prison. "Return to Paradise" watches Sheriff and Tony as they struggle to decide in the short period of time.


Vince Vaughn as John 'Sheriff' Volgecherev
Anne Heche as Beth Eastern
Joaquin Phoenix as Lewis McBride
David Conrad as Tony Croft
Vera Farmiga as Kerrie
Nick Sandow as Ravitch
Jada Pinkett Smith as M.J. Major
Ming Lee as Mr. Chandran
Joel de la Fuente as Mr. Doramin
Richard Chang as Prosecutor
James Michael McCauley as Famous Divorce Lawyer
Brettanya Friese as Young Woman in Limo
Deanna Yusoff as Woman in Bar
David Zayas as Construction Foreman
Amy Wong as Ticket Agent
Joseph Ruben

If you are in adolescence or jock action films filled with movies then blast away
Watch. This is a smart drama that will have its own work
Without time for a break. Joaquin Phoenix is the image of Lewis
arrogance impressive as the film progresses. A series of twists and
Over the span of the film makes it difficult if not impossible to predict which
decide what to do next. Without wanting to give too much away, the tragic end
addresses without guilt, which leaves a gut wrenching
this masterpiece that will probably never get the credit it deserves
'Return to Paradise "is one of the most underrated movies of recent years
. That deserves at least three Oscar nominations. Best actress Anne Heche
, Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix and best original score: Mark Mancina
. Is it because it was not a major studio film that was stolen
These appointments? After reading other reviews, other people feel the same way
. Even some Golden Globe nods was warrented.

This film was not released in theaters here in Australia and went
Straight to video and I understand it, was a failure in the case of most states
People were busy paying money to see the regular trash that comes out of Hollywood
. This is a shame because I would have made the effort to see a
Pair times in the film.

Anne Heche (Psycho) gave an astonishing performance in the film (perhaps the
performance of his career), my heart was in the finals for her and the rest of the cast included
Vince Vaughn (Psycho), David Conrad (
Men of Honor), Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator) and Jada Pinket Smith (Scream 2), which
I hate you once the film is more than it is pretty good , as the bitchy / power
Journalist hunger are so convincing in their roles.

Everyone should have a good idea of what it means to the plot, but still
If it's not your cup of tea, the film is worth seeing for the performances
, unfortunately, have gone almost unnoticed. Check
Result: 9 out of 10

Download Return to Paradise
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