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Download Movie Hoodwinked!The "Little Red Hiding Hood" fairytale gets an imaginative update. After The Wolf (Patrick Warburton) is found at Granny's charged with an intent to eat an investigation starts up by Nick Fippers (David Odgen Stiers). Red (Anne Hathaway), The Wolf (Warburton), The Woodsman (Jim Beluchi) and Granny (Glenn Close) give their stories, Flippers and Cheif Grizzly (Xzibit) and the rest of the police try to find out who is the Goodie Bandit. Bill: Anthony Anderson, Twitchy: Cory Edwards, Boingo: Andy Dick.


Glenn Close as Granny
Anne Hathaway as Red
James Belushi as The Woodsman
Patrick Warburton as The Wolf
Anthony Anderson as Det. Bill Stork
David Ogden Stiers as Nicky Flippers
Xzibit as Chief Grizzly
Chazz Palminteri as Woolworth the Sheep
Andy Dick as Boingo
Cory Edwards as Twitchy
Todd Edwards as Sandwich Man
Tye Edwards as Dolph
Benjy Gaither as Japeth the Goat
Joshua J. Greene as Jimmy Lizard
Ken Marino as Raccoon Jerry
Cory Edwards
Todd Edwards
Tony Leech

Let me confess something in advance that seems to be in the place I
Minority - I did not go to see this film in the hope of great animation, a
-Breaking through the story, or the opportunity to see car
-proclaimed "Artists" waxed philosophical about their personal visions of the world.
I went to have fun and enjoy myself.

In this regard, fully responds to the commitment of Hoodwinked. A brief glance at any trailer
We tell the animation is not the greatest, and I know that some people have taken
in the sense that the film itself is not worth seeing. However,
That assessment is just wrong. I walked into the theater not
Knowing what to expect, and spent the next hour and however long
Basically laughing all the time - sometimes so hard I had to stop for fazer I take my breath . It's a really funny movie, and when it is reduced
, is not that the point of a film like this?

Hoodwinked basically tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but as
Viewed through the eyes of different characters. It is not an original
Plot, by any means, but once you reach the history and caprice
Excentricidades wrap-up of the characters that until he does not care.

Bottom line: If you want to have fun and see a good movie, see
EngaƱado. If you want forefront technicality that may or may not
reflect on the actual quality of the story and script, go look
Despite the low-budget animation, the most recent feature by the Weinstein
Company, "Hoodwinked" is saved by some silly animal and human
Personality, as well as great writing and hilarious jokes.

Basically is the story of Little Red
told from the point of view of Red (voice of Ann Hathaway), the Big Bad Wolf (Patrick Warburton
), Granny (Glenn Close) and a dimwitted, axe-wielding woodsman
(Jim Belushi).

The four are in custody, accused of stealing recipes and goodie
questioned for a long legged frog, Inspector Flippers (David Ogden Stiers
). Each suspect has a different story that somehow links
list of the whole event. In other words, it's like a version of Kurosawa
"Rashomon," produced by computer animators who could not obtain work in
Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks.

When he saw the press release of the study, I realized the poor and the computer working
I thought this might be another "Valiant", but dialogue and crisp really
funny situations made me laugh almost all the way through this
film, which is director Cory Edwards debut.

It is also a much more entertaining that "Chicken Little" or
"Shark Tale" could aspire to be. And while word games are quite
Aimed at adults, children enjoy the many characters from animals, such as pigs
as policemen (get it?!), A singing, hillbilly goat (Benjy < br> Gaither), a squirrel of speed (director Edwards), a type of Huggy Bear
Feces pigeon sheep (Chazz Palimeri) and a delicate little bunny,
Boingo (Andy Dick).

This film runs 85 minutes and is opened to the wide release on Friday, Jan. 13

Download Hoodwinked!
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