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(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Little FishIn Sidney, Tracey Heart is a thirty-two years old manager of a video shop ex-addicted in heroin and clean for four years. She is trying to raise forty thousand dollars to buy a shop for computer games on the next door of the rental and become partner of her boss, but based on her negative records, the banks deny the loan. Tracey takes care of her junkie stepfather Lionel Dawson, unsuccessfully trying to make him quit his heroin habit. When her former boy-friend Jonny returns from Vancouver, Tracey's mother Janelle fears a fall of Tracey, while she blames Jonny for the car accident where her son Ray lost one leg. When Ray and Jonny associate to Moss, the assistant of the retired criminal boss Bradley 'The Jockey' Thompson, in drug dealing, Tracey is convinced by Jonny to join them and raise the necessary money for her business along the weekend.


Cate Blanchett as Tracy Heart
Sam Neill as Brad
Hugo Weaving as Lionel Dawson
Martin Henderson as Ray Heart
Noni Hazlehurst as Janelle Heart
Joel Tobeck as Steven
Lisa McCune as Laura
Susie Porter as Jenny
Nina Liu as Mai
Linda Cropper as Denise
Daniella Farinacci as Donna
Ferdinand Hoang as Khiem
Anh Do as Tran
Jason Chong as Ming
Anthony Wong as Mr. Chan
Rowan Woods

Rowan Woods' previous film, "The Boys" (1997) had a certain detachment
As he discussed the psychology of the perpetrators of a particular crime
Repugnante - seeing that it was like looking through a bug
microscope, even though it made a real function
brilliant performance by David Wenham. In this film of a script by Jacqueline Perske takes
More hot and certainly a slight look at some rather little
People living in the south-west of Sydney - specifically

Tracey is a former heroin addict, clean of the past four years, but
With less than perfect credit history, which is trying to buy a stake in
Shop Video working on it is what lets you expand on the internet
games business (hey, it is not illegal in Australia?). His friend
Lionel, a former football player and ex-boyfriend of his mother is
remains an addict. As she tries unsuccessfully to obtain funds from some financial
Almost comically reluctant to become involved in the search
After Lionel, which seemed to have a close relationship with
Jockey, local hoodlum and trafficker Drug and his sidekick Steve. His
Vietnamese-Australian ex-boyfriend Johnny suddenly arrives on the scene
After four years away and is soon involved in a drug deal with it
legs (not stupid) brother Ray. The "Little Fish" in the title
prove those little plastic fish that come with soy sauce
Within them in the East Asian restaurants, recycling
to contain amphetamines, but could also describe the Most of the characters.

It's all very complicated and to be honest, the plot is a little
Monkey Puzzle - I have a feeling there might be some holes in it -
But the film is really about the struggle to leave the mud.
Some do it, others do not, often those who owe their success to be successful
By chance, others not doing so despite all efforts. Cate Blanchett as
Tracey is as good as it has ever been. You may think she is a gentle Shortly
for paper, but stain his memories of "Elizabeth"
And she is good. Hugo Weaving as Lionel gives fairly well
definitive portrait of a burned-addicted to heroin. Sam Neil as the ruthless
Jockey is a little less smooth than usual, although his clothes are tailor-made
and his Jaguar car. Noni Hazelhurst is wholeheartedly, as
Mother (Heart is his surname) and Dustin Nguyen as Johnny, despite the
Dudosas accent, it is out of play with a person about 10 years younger
From what he really is. Martin Henderson is a wonderful Ray dumb.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the film is to close and
Staff photography (almost every scene seems to be made
With a camera in hand), in combination with some very imaginative fade-in and fade-out
. The result is so atmospheric I felt almost rain and
Hugo smelled after the absence. More to the point, I felt the
characters' moods. It's almost like being in the movie. I
Gust├│ much the other recent film of Oz "Look Both forms", which I have seen two
Weeks. It highlighted some innovative techniques, but this is a
much more sophisticated piece of work.
Despite the fact that this is not exactly an uplifting film, I liked
lot, and believe me, a movie does not have to be edifying for me
like it. But some may find a downer. Cate Blanchett plays a young
Women who had kicked heroin and works in a video store in a
The Asian part of Sydney. The temptation is always around however, and even
His brother is on drugs, although her mother did not seem to realize
. The brother (Ray) lost a leg in an accident a few years ago
was caused by Jonny, a Vietnamese immigrant who has been living in Canada for some time
to "clean up its act", but that still seems quite
Vagas about his life and activities, and rightly so. Tracy
(Blanchett) has tried to get a loan at a bank for the expansion of
The shop, but was rejected because of his "colorful past," but she
not have the heart to tell her partner Ming. There are also
Lionel (Hugo Weaving), has been the soccer star, which is heavy into heroin and
also have an interesting relationship with your connection, as
Desempe├▒ado by Sam Neill, seems to prefer to spend their
days of golf and have their way with young men. In this whole mess apparently tangled
comes an offer of Jonny Tracy to help you get the money you need for
Store expansion and seemingly everything above board because Jonny is a
Bag .... It said, but that she finds calling at his office
Another thing. So some money is withdrawn from Tracy store with the idea of
Aumentarla through a complicated deal in drugs, which of course
It is not going as planned by any means. This is a very complicated film, well acted and
But very interesting, but not exactly zip
Along a breakneck speed. Blanchett is excellent in his role as one
feels trapped in his life, but she is not alone in these feelings,
Any means. Hugo doors, also excellent, as has been the soccer star
And former love interest Tracy, which also has the dubious honour
reach their heroin in the first place, which is not exactly They
him a hero in the eyes of her mother. An excellent drama within
Well worth a visit. The music is excellent and provides a
Rather like quality sleep to the film at times. 8 out of 10.

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