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(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Ladder 49Under the watchful eye of his mentor Captain Mike Kennedy (Travolta), probationary firefighter Jack Morrison (Phoenix) matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he's made have put him in harm's way innumerable times and significantly impacted his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a 20-story building. And as he reflects on his life, now Assistant Chief Kennedy frantically coordinates the effort to save him.


Jay Hernandez as Keith Perez
Joaquin Phoenix as Jack Morrison
John Travolta as Captain Mike Kennedy
Jacinda Barrett as Linda Morrison
Morris Chestnut as Tommy Drake
Billy Burke as Dennis Gauquin
Balthazar Getty as Ray Gauquin
Tim Guinee as Tony Corrigan
Kevin Chapman as Frank Mckinny
Kevin Daniels as Don Miller
Steve Maye as Pete Lamb
Robert Patrick as Ed Reilly
Brooke Hamlin as Katie Morrison
Spencer Berglund as Nicky Morrison
Jay Russell

This is a movie that definitely is in the day-to-day lives of firefighters
Since it is primarily through the eyes of Jack Morrison. The film pretty much
look at the way in which starts as a rookie, how he knows his wife and
How progressing his career until that fateful night. The more I watched
This film, the one that reminds me of a classic "Adam-12" episode
Entitled "Elegy Pork." The only difference between that episode
And the film was the fact that it was only half an hour instead of
Two hours of this movie and the fact that the only person to have that
Episode a role speaks Martin Milner as his character Pete
described his Malloy and his best friend's career from the day that
Coupled with the strength of the night his friend was killed in the line of duty.
The only negative I found with this movie is that it tends to slow
In some areas, especially in the scenes of the home of Jack
lives with his wife Linda and their worried children. This is a solid if not spectacular
film where action sequences take a secondary place with regard to the
human drama of everyday life.
First, let me explain the title of the film.

Firefighters that appear in the movie has 2 vehicles. One is the
More conventional fire truck she sees around her, which is
with water hoses. That truck is codenamed Engine 33 in this film. Ladder 49 is
His companion truck, the one with the mega-ladder. This includes truck
the brave men in the fire department's rescue team, who risk
Their lives go into burning buildings without water (unlike motor
33 ' ; s), with the sole mission of saving the lives of others.

Which raises the question asked
emergency responders (police, fire department, etc.) - which makes them do what they do? In this
Case, also raised in the film, which makes
rush into a burning building when everyone is running out?

Continue the life of Joaquin Phoenix's character, Jack Morrison, whom
We rookie firefighter (waterboy) to hero, from singlehood
paternity. This film, through his character, a human emergency
odzvali, their lives, their camaraderie, their courage.
Also explores the relationships within their families, which plays a pivotal role in the family
members struggle to understand the risks of their spouses or parents
Perform every day in their work.

Not wait another Backdraft, which was more of an "arson-whodunnit,"
bestial spectacular fire that envelops the screen. This film dwells
More on the characterization and drama with good situation joint action pieces
Among slow moments you think, and at the end of the movie
, to appreciate the value of these brave men and the threats it
They face daily in their work.

Download Ladder 49
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