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(crime, drama)
Download Movie The Sugarland ExpressLou-Jean, a blonde woman, tells her husband, who is imprisoned, to escape. They plan to kidnap their own child, who was placed with foster parents. The escape is partly successful, they take a hostage, who is a policeman and are pursued through to Texas...


Goldie Hawn as Lou Jean Poplin
Ben Johnson as Captain Harlin Tanner
Michael Sacks as Patrolman Maxwell Slide
William Atherton as Clovis Michael Poplin
Gregory Walcott as Patrolman Ernie Mashburn
Steve Kanaly as Patrolman Jessup
Louise Latham as Mrs. Looby
Harrison Zanuck as Baby Langston Poplin
A.L. Camp as Mr. Alvin T. Nocker
Jessie Lee Fulton as Mrs. Nocker
Dean Smith as Russ Berry
Ted Grossman as Dietz
Bill Thurman as Hunter
Kenneth Hudgins as Standby
Buster Danials as Drunk
Steven Spielberg

The first feature of Spielberg drama, his last as a Director
before "Jaws", the story is overwhelmed by what I call a
'Idiot resolve the' plot. This means that the main characters behave like
Complete Idiots in real life, not get two steps in the right direction
to go, "let alone the miles of road in this managed
Pic . But - and this is a very important point - the story is supposed
Based on a real life incident, which means that these theories can not
apply here. Everything depends on the amount of Spielberg and writers
Exagerada events, I tend to think that is enough. The story is
- began to jump on that 2 years old, the baby is placed in foster care, the Royal
parents (Hawn & Atherton), small offenders, and not Breaking have
imprisonment of the father of establishing for the foster home. But
From the beginning, these two are presented as such obvious losers, I was
hope that never reaches children. The father, for instance, has only 4 Months
remaining from prison after doing time, in short order, the idiot
Young transgressions escalating car thefts kidnapping of a policeman < br> (Sacks). In essence, that quickly sabotaged any chance for them
accomplish in the child a happy fashion.

Also gave me the impression Spielberg is a lot of poking fun at Texas
Texacans and, in general, when this is done. In addition to the two
Idiot called parents, most everyone else is also presented as a
Buffoon, a country hick with no clue. Examples are more sinister
living for the opportunity to shoot at someone - is firearms
Country, after all. The only one who escapes with his dignity intact is
Captain of the police, and played by Ben Johnson. There are traces of
Poignancy and images that many of the images later Spielberg would
Surrounded with. There's the absurdity of that long, long line of
police vehicles, lights flashing, after a car with the
Fugitive (I suppose that does not need attention from other crimes in the county
that day?). And the sudden look on the face of Atherton when there is a road
Runner cartoon is surprising. But these are a few cases over and
Ambling enter into an image. Hawn is immensely likable, of course,
But in the end it comes out as an idiot screaming shrew
that directly causes bad things to happen. It may be just me, but I do not like
The woman, like this. But then, if this is real life, Spielberg
Captured sense of an unpleasant reality we have no control over.
Simply not maintain that consistency throughout the film.

Download Sugarland Express, The
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