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(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie Snakes on a PlaneWhen Sean Jones witnesses a murder, he is asked to fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles to testify against the notorious gangster Eddie Kim. However, Kim has paid an assassin to release a crate-full of deadly snakes loose when the plane is 30,000 feet in the air. Only FBI agent Neville Flynn can protect Sean and rally the passengers together in hope of landing in L.A. alive.


Samuel L. Jackson as Neville Flynn
Julianna Margulies as Claire Miller
Nathan Phillips as Sean Jones
Rachel Blanchard as Mercedes
Flex Alexander as Three G's
Kenan Thompson as Troy
Keith Dallas as Big Leroy
Lin Shaye as Grace
James Bruce as Ken
Sunny Mabrey as Tiffany
Casey Dubois as Curtis
Daniel Hogarth as Tommy
Gerard Plunkett as Paul
Terry Chen as Chen Leong
Elsa Pataky as Maria
David R. Ellis

A small part of me has died today. I realized something when I went
Theatre, fresh from the screening of Snakes on a Plane (SoaP)
cinema in which I work, that I may never see another film
Is this rock hard. If you are looking for a deep introspective look
the horrors of airborne terrorism and reptiles exploitation,
look elsewhere, and not complain about it. If you are like me, and I
AsumirĂ­a you since you are reading my review, and is seeking
For a solid hour and a half of ass-kickery, then congratulations.
You just hit the jackpot with SoaP. I can honestly say that the film lived
To all my expectations. I was so pumped by the end of the film
threw my shoes throughout the theater (empty) in an attack in ecstasy. I
Pibe not.

Hervidas its very essence, is the essence of the SoaP quite
Everything that is manly. Think of it as an anti-chick movie. If you like
Any of the following, then this movie is for you: horrible deaths,
Breasts, physical humor affected, Samuel L. Jackson, or poisonous
Reptiles. If not, then clearly you have a vagina, but can still manage to enjoy

Plot is fairly thin, something generic about a boy (Nathan Phillips)
witnessed a mob murder and have to be transported to testify THE
In court, but I doubt if anyone has. We know the basic story.
There is a plane in the air that has poisonous snakes and Samuel L.
Jackson on board. Samuel L. Jackson defeat snakes in a series of
depth dramatically, which I will not reveal so as not to diminish
His awesomeness, and at the same time tries to whiny, stereotypical
Scared passengers. Trust me, however, see the snakes that devastates
Through the plane and causing havoc in that stereotypical passengers
It's really sweet.

The acting is as strong as one might expect from this cast. Jackson
takes front and center stage, obviously. He saw the call of the playing field,
Beefy took a swing and a hit in the upper floors. As for the rest of the cast
, who did a decent job. Keenan Thompson, in fact, not suck,
Nathan Phillips was robust enough, and Juliana Margulies did a good

Honestly, I can not think of any reason not to see Snakes on a Plane. Of course,
critics lambaste the left and the right. That no doubt
. However, coming from someone who is willing to accept the film for
What is, I can honestly recommend it to anyone who can appreciate
His nostalgia, cheese ball appeal.

Nevertheless, Snakes on a Plane will undoubtedly be the most
Pleasant, and the most unlikely blockbuster of the summer. A solid
ten out of ten.
I give this a negative rating if I could. I went into this movie not
Waiting much, but I had an open mind. All this is absurd! The
Snakes are obviously false and the first two things that are a mouthful boob
And Johnson boys. Oh the original form, if I were a child of 12 years
I can laugh at that. I have no idea how this movie was so popular.
Really, the worst thing that I have ever seen. I was not entertained,
It is not fun, I even was boring! I was nothing. It was not yet
Bad is good, it is just bad. Really ridiculous. Please do not
Waste your money on this movie. Not even rent this movie. No clue how
It is a high rating.

Download Snakes on a Plane
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