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Download Movie War and PeaceSpruced up adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's epic novel about the life of a Russian family during the War of 1812. The historical and personal events are seen mostly through the eyes of Natasha, who is 16 years old at the start of the movie. Contains many panoramic shots of battle in action.


Audrey Hepburn as Natasha Rostov
Henry Fonda as Pierre Bezukhov
Mel Ferrer as Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
Vittorio Gassman as Anatole
Herbert Lom as Napoleon
Oskar Homolka as Gen. Kutuzov
Anita Ekberg as Helene
Helmut Dantine as Dolokhov
Tullio Carminati as Prince Vasili Kuragine
Barry Jones as Count Rostov
Milly Vitale as Lise
Lea Seidl as Countess Rostov
Anna-Maria Ferrero as Mary Bolkonsky
Wilfrid Lawson as Prince Bolkonsky
May Britt as Sonya Rostov
King Vidor

This film came out on DVD yesterday and rushed to buy it. This version is
The first to render all perfection and detail of Jack Cardiff amazing
Compositions and bright, varied picture. As a collection of memorable images
, this film is better than any other historical epic of
period and even gives GWTW a race for their money. King Vidor
address is a series of tableaux vivants ` 'where the characters are not posing, but acting
very natural specified period. I have never had a problem with this
adaptation of the novel by Tolstoy. I think it's a wonderful introduction to
Period and the novel, and that is a very poetic, very original work. The
More notable disadvantage of this movie, in my opinion, is its soundtrack
(glorious mono). The only hi-fi recording of the dialogue and the music sounds
Caught, hollow and tinny, and it always takes full version that I
View: in theaters, on television and on video. Even the soundtrack is an album
Atrocity. In some scenes, before the necessary adjustments and low
Treble, Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer in fact the voice of damage hearing.
Nino Rota is very Russian-sounding results is serviceable and melodic, but
Rather scarce in its orchestration and in the number of players. One can only wonder what
`War and Peace 'might have sounded like a cohort of Hollywood
arrangers, decent and abundant recording facilities, varied
Orquestaciones in a high fidelity stereo sound and . According
Lukas Kendall `Film Score Monthly ', the original recording of the elements
The soundtrack have disappeared long ago, which is common in many
International co-productions independent the time. Somebody somewhere certainly guilty of
spared in the quality or misappropriation of funds for this 1956 film
sound much worse than a 1939, the validity of hi-fi epic as
Given that trimming the Tolstoy War and Peace to the length of a
Feature () 1956, deserves more
respect which is usually obtained - despite comments here suggest that the film can
really be gaining the respect that critics and film historians have
Denied for so long.

The film does not suffer from two undeniable shortcomings. The first is the atrocious
recording sound that has plagued virtually all Italians
movie history. As some of the comments have pointed out, movies shot
Cinecitta in Rome had their sound post-bent instead of registering with
whole. But in reality, this practice was then (and still is) very
Common. The sound in the movies Italian highlights simply because they
Tan wrong with that. The brutal truth is that even the greatest masterpieces of
Fellini, De Sica, Rosselini, etc. are less than what could have been
Because technology Italian sound was so slipshod. And so it is with
War and Peace: it is hard to suspend disbelief when soldiers struggling
Through a river sound like someone dropping quarters in a toilet.

The other flaw is the terrible miscasting Henry Fonda as
Pierre Bezhukov. This is the worst performance of his career, and he hopes
And sounds as Russia as a slice of pumpkin pie. One commentator
Alec Guinness said here should have played Pierre. It is an intriguing
Tip, and of course Sir Alec was always good. Even better, I think
, it would have been Peter Ustinov. In 1956 he went to the Pierre
own life.

But the rest of the casting is truly inspired. Oskar Homolka as
Gen. Kutuzov, Barry Jones, Count Rostov, Jeremy Brett as Nikolai
Herbert Lom as Napoleon - all can hardly be improved. And
Audrey Hepburn is simply born to play Natasha. And Mel Ferrer as
Prince Andrey ... Thus, he had his faults as an actor (to say the
Less!), But at least he hoped the party.

Beyond that, the film has plenty of production values,
impressive battle scenes, and a truly great and powerful sequence, the French Army
Desastrosa withdrawal of Russia, which occupies much of the last hour.

There's no substitute, of course, the reading of the novel (what I read
Three times myself). But this 1956 film makes a decent introduction,
And even helps keep the complex Tolstoy straight when you receive
Around reading.

Download War and Peace
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