Dead End

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(crime, drama, short)
Download Movie Dead EndThe true story of 4 men found dead in an apartment in new jersey and how years later a video tape was discovered in new york city solved this brutal crime...the tape, found in a video camera in a pawn shop, cleared the names of the suspected killers.


Brad Bognar as Gun Dealer
Marc A. Campanel as Kyle Fabian
Jason Cassebaum as Detective 1
John Colasanti as Chief John Colasanti
Eric Escobar as Thief 1
Johnathan Heftner as Himself
Navin Jarecha as Himself
Kyle Lesko as Nick Stolkes
Rich Parachini as Terrence milton
Matthew J. Pellowski as Reese Palen
Michael J. Pellowski as Caretaker
Dennis Russo as John Bland
Steve Simcoe as Gay Carl
Michael Spahr as Officer Fred Rizzie
Ronnie Stevenson as Hamp Henderson
Matthew J. Pellowski

See also: Crime: Thelma & Louise

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