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(biography, drama, music)
Download Movie BackbeatA pre-fame Beatles head for the seedy clubs of Hamburg in search of success. The band meet up with a group of trendy German beatniks, one of whom (Astrid Kircherr) bass guitarist Stuart Sutcliffe falls in love with. Whilst best friend John Lennon can only watch, Sutcliffe has to choose between rock 'n roll and a new life in Germany...


Marcelle Duprey as Singer
Stephen Dorff as Stuart Sutcliffe
Ian Hart as John Lennon
John White as Sailor 1
Bernard Merrick as Sailor 2
Nicholas Tennant as Sailor 3
Finola Geraghty as Model
Rob Spendlove as Arthur Ballard
Charlie Caine as Lord Woodbine
Jennifer Ehle as Cynthia Powell
Gary Bakewell as Paul McCartney
Chris O'Neill as George Harrison
Frieda Kelly as Mrs. Harrison
Scot Williams as Pete Best
Paul Humpoletz as Bruno
Iain Softley

This is an excellent representation of the Beatles' Hamburg days. But
True heroes of the film are actually Sutcliffe, Lennon and Astrid.The
film was made a few years after the infamous book Goldman and there were indications
In a homosexual relationship between John and Stu ( "I was jealous of
!" Astrid might have said to John!), but the director does not insist
And finally represents a real friendship.He pools Stu down-to-earth Astrid of
world against the elitist intellectual chic: they go to
Pictures to see Melville's "Les enfants terribles" (actually a Cocteau
History), and she seems to be very fond of the French < br> Culture: Cocteau, Sartre, Edith Piaf, Rimbaud, and was ahead of his time since
fifteen years later, the rock singer Patti Smith had the same
Idols.The scenarists also draw a parallel between Klaus Voorman the
/ Astrid relationship and "les enfants terribles" Ian Hart is a
Excellent John Lennon, in turn
cynical, violent, delicate, repugnant, abhorrent; Gary Bakewell looks like Paul, but
He is not a single moment to shine, as Georges, was completely
Insignificant.The music is very exciting. While Stu
(Dorff) sings his ditty into a gleeful croak, it is rock and roll! In
End of the movie, the dialogue starts to sound as if the acts false.Everybody
The Beatles were to become huge at the time, who could have predicted
That career? It is a reconstruction of history, a posteriori.And if
Final on the lines of Astrid, Stu and Klaus are useful, on which the Beatles are too
: everyone knew they were the group most Large
all time.

A must for Beatles' fans anyway.

Download Backbeat
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