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Download Movie 8 MileA rap version of "Saturday Night Fever." B-Rabbit, a wannabe rapper from the wrong side of Detroit's 8 Mile, has problems: he dumps his girlfriend when she tells him she's pregnant; to save money to make a demo tape, he moves into his alcoholic mom's trailer; his job's a dead end, and he's just choked at the local head-to-head rap contest. Things improve when he meets Alex - an aspiring model headed for New York - and a fast-talking pal promises to set up the demo. Then new setbacks: Alex isn't faithful, mom rejects him, rifts surface with his friends, and he's mugged by rivals. Everything hinges on the next rap showdown at the club. Can B-Rabbit pull truth out of his cap?


Eminem as Jr. Jimmy 'B-Rabbit' Smith
Kim Basinger as Stephanie Smith
Mekhi Phifer as David 'Future' Porter
Brittany Murphy as Alex
Evan Jones as Cheddar Bob
Omar Benson Miller as Sol George
De'Angelo Wilson as DJ Iz
Eugene Byrd as Wink
Taryn Manning as Janeane
Larry Hudson as Bouncer
Proof as Lil' Tic
Mike Bell as Shorty Mike
DJ Head as Battle DJ
Michael Shannon as Greg Buehl
Chloe Greenfield as Lily Smith
Curtis Hanson

Jimmy Rabbit is a white child in the poor (black) part of the city. Grow
With this influence that has developed rapping skills, but is too intimidated
To show the humane 'Shelter' battles. Split from his girlfriend,
Jimmy returns to his mother's house trailer park and her young boyfriend. He
keeps his job in a shop while pressing on her work and trying to develop
rhymes that all the hopes and promises, will be able to help you
teachers Detroit.

After a preview missing exams and not being able to go when friends went, I saw this
possibly a few nights ago. I was perhaps better prepared for this
Point because the schedule was softened by a few or poorly balanced
Reviews of the film in the media. This helped me to my expectations so low
I do not disappoint. The story is, well, difficult to describe because
There is really a description of talking about, and this is not the story of Rabbit.
As a result, it is a little hiking with things only through drifting
film. However that still works is that you credit. The film is
attention and the story still has enough in it to keep

Telling is what I think the best thing. The direction is good, with
Wash cameras were not willing to glamorise anything. The most intelligent transportation
was liberal use of hip-hop through the film. Occasionally we get a
Rhythm of a song, but it is not the wall-to-wall music as many movies rapper.
Even if a track is played Eminem, Em's voice is limited to a few broken
Until words - saving their abilities to the climax. Some of the movie does not work
- I was tired of rap scenes in everyday life and not
I really like grip (although in fairness I do not know if this is the rule in some lives
). There are also a few too many scenes of violence that sense
found no normal life as a rabbit, but rather felt
As the movie tries to show Rabbit to be tough and ready to

It is difficult to write a fair review after seeing the culmination - that his
The reason they left a few days before writing this. The climax is a series of
Short battles in which pumping of Housing and exciting. Those who do not spoil
But some of the lines are cool rapper - Em until it turns and breaks his
place. It is so much fun and funky that he had wanted
Some of their own joints that point, in his recent Benzino disses. This is
which shines in the role, but also does well in general - may not
worthy of an Oscar nomination, but certainly very good. Takes his
Character sympathetic, but it is not easy, and avoids being a sympathetic figure

Phieffer is not as good and that I am not convinced, as I have seen done.
He can act here, but he is not really a good character. The support cast are
All are quite good and credible, and only a few are clear
stereotyped groups. Fortunately, the custom rapper cameos are minimal and not in your face
too. There may be more, but I have only seen Xhibit and Obi Trise and
Neither had anything away by his presence. Murphy is pretty good
- Sexy trashy yet - but its character and subplot really have no
Go anywhere and just became another part of the story wandering.
Basinger is good but not as bad as I expected it (or thought that
needed). She does not need to be like her mom, in the songs, but a little less `
victim of the circumstances" that have helped to buy at

The message is very worthy but made history and part of the film just
not totally discard for me - instead is a bit ordinary and not
Writing. However, the developer is worth seeing - the address is
Fairly good and liberal use of music is one of the many good touches,
Meanwhile Eminem says it is always worth watching - whether Ingenious disses
doing in a parking lot, ripping the opposition in a battle or simply
Subestimado is in a good role. Subestimado! Now one thing that I thought I had
Never again say about a rapper in a role of a film from Pac

Like him or loathe him, Eminem prevents an average (at best) story that
Unwatchable by the sheer force of their presence. But those who are not
fans of hip-hop and Eminem could avoid this, as there was no
too Another person who offered.
Those who are saying "8 Mile" shows a vanilla-ed Eminem may have a point:
This film is presented to an audience not only rap as `Wild Style '
We presented a hip - hop. But those who say Eminem is here to disinfected
Shopping Centre: they have a strange concept of language. If your CD's containing
Inflammatory material to be aired in this film, but what is said here
definitely is not for any suburban grandmothers who are not stone

Surprisingly - admirable, really - how well Curtis Hansen and his crew
Track of the fabric of scene to scene, where much of it does not seem
Elements not Rabbit are problems with his mother, Stephanie Smith -

Kim Basinger. Bassinger is a blue ribbon southern white trash trailor park
You can not escape the feeling that with minor modifications, can be the mother

Grosse Pointe prep a child from school, a lady whose problem was overspending
Instead of imminent eviction of a stinky trailor. Bassinger ago
Trashiness is attractive, as did the attractive film star decadence
When Hansen directed her in `LA Confidential 'six years ago. Rabbit's
Problems with brides are not significant, although they do have two of them,
Old and new one. Both are delicious, but to enter rejection.
Rabbit's relations are with his closest pal emcee `future '(played by a

Totally Charming and huggable Mikhi Pfifer), and slightly delayed the token white
Homie, Cheddar Bob (Evan Jones).

But his closest relationship is with all of himself, as evidenced by the First
scene, where rap Eminem is making gestures competition in the shed
room men, looking in the mirror, listening to his music in his head - and

This is all very well, because he is a young man you have to do: get a job in
friendly terms with who he is . The film is about to enter his being on his own
alborotados Renouncing his game to become a winner, and he walks out
In the final scene. The comparison with Henry IV Shakespeare is not out

Place. The parallel Shakespeare was used specifically for Keanu Reeves' character in `
My Own Private Idaho", but the focus is really more
here. Eminem is not a cold personality as Keanu Reeves in
Van Sant film.
He is close to his companions and always have their hands and gently touching
Abrazarse one another. The hands and hugging are one of the main images

Stay with you after seeing "8 Mile".

Eminem as shown in "8 Mile" is not entirely motivated by his anger at all.
His anger is very contained. He seems able to turn it on and off at will
And the release only when you need it - to competition or rap trounce
her mother's boyfriend sleazy. It is his ability to control his anger

ago both Rabbit and Eminem winners.

Eminem has an authenticity about making it a strong presence

the screen. Paradoxically him a powerful inwardness projects, so that they
Alejandro around the world makes her face jumping out at us. Its effect is

Authenticity, because they get in a reaction in favor of the hearing
Their example the scene, but he is always there, moving with the scene and indeed

"8 Mile" is not only a vehicle for Eminem. It's very well done for a film
. But without Eminem "8 Mile" does not exist. The only significance of the
rapping contests emceed by `future 'Rabbit first is that eludes

while, and then enters them and wins. One has to wonder how
Rapero / actors feel they are in the film only to be presented by

"8 Mile" can not escape the limitations of fiction star
Biopic. There have been dozens of films about new music stars and
Their families, their first sponsors, his first big breaks, and so on,
Many more variety and specificity of detail than this.
movie only takes his hero to the time when it departs, having shown
That can be a star. All attention is focused on his personality, and in particular
, its stillness. The most important are the moments when
Rabbit / Eminem is with microphone in hand, silent, waiting for inspiration
Needless. Even if decide not to compete and hands the microphone again, this
Today is full of power. In this movie takes Eminem expressing imminence
Pure, raw potential, to a new level of clarity and

This is a good rapper just standing there.

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