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Download Movie Take the LeadBased on a true story, the movie tells of the struggle of a dance teacher, Pierre Dulain (Antonio Banderas), to give to a group of problem kids a second chance by exploring their dance skills. One night Dulain is astonished to see a boy, Rock (Rob Brown) destroying his school director's car. The following day Dulaine goes to the school to ask for a job as a dance teacher. The director has little confidence in Dulaine's idea of helping kids (including Rock) in detention to reform through ballroom dance classes. Even the kids, who prefer hip-hop or rap, think it isn't a great idea. Despite criticism from students in his formal dance academy as well as from parents and fellow teachers who believe that the kids need more math and less dance, Dulain catches the students' attention with a tango session. After their initial indifference, they eventually compete in a dance contest; the important thing isn't winning, but making a difference.


Antonio Banderas as Pierre Dulaine
Rob Brown as Rock
Yaya DaCosta as LaRhette
Alfre Woodard as Principal Augustine James
John Ortiz as Joe Temple
Laura Benanti as Tina
Jonathan Malen as Kurd
Jasika Nicole as Egypt
Shawand Mckenzie as Big Girl
Dante Basco as Ramos
Elijah Kelley as Danjou
Jenna Dewan as Sasha
Marcus T. Paulk as Eddie
Brandon D. Andrews as Monster
Lauren Collins as Caitlin
Liz Friedlander

For my part, I thought this was an excellent movie! It is true that it does have a plot
family, but not at all distracting from the real
intent of the film. If I had to categorize, I would say that is a perfect combination between
Dangerous Minds and Save the Last Dance. However,
Unlike those, this is a TRUE story. This is not a script that comes
somebody's head, what really happened.
I recommend this film to anyone who loves a great story. This film is very
source of inspiration and has phenomenal music to boot. I was dancing in my seat
. Forget what you think you know, and just give this film
Opportunity. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
I have just returned from seeing this film at a preview screening and testing.

This film is much better than I had expected. The story brings to mind
Movies like Mad Hot Ballroom Minds or dangerous, but it is different
Enough that it is able to stand on its own.

General, the thought was serving well done. The dancing was great (both
Hip hop dance and dance). And although I am not a great fan
Antonio Banderas, I thought it was excellent, and I really liked
Him. It could have been the star of the film, but not the center of
care at all times. Zanimanjem well and seemed to offer a
Element different from what might have been the same old "domestic support
City children find hope" history.

The screenplay and dialogue had nothing affected or too rancid, which is
usually is in "feel good" movies, or movies about
secondary students. There are many funny parts, as well as drama and enough
Interesting character conflicts to keep everything interesting.

My only complaint is that the end does not seem to finish everything
- There are some lines back history and the issues that were not resolved.
But some unanswered questions may sometimes be better than a compromised
Incredible ending when suddenly everyone is in the world. Already
Curiosity to see if they make any changes before it is released in

I give him an 8 out of 10, because I was really entertaining.

Download Take the Lead
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