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(action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi)
Download Movie DriveA prototype enhanced human, on the run from Chinese-hired hit men, hooks up with a dread-locked bystander, and the two of them elude their pursuers narrowly each time.


Mark Dacascos as Toby Wong
Kadeem Hardison as Malik Brody
John Pyper-Ferguson as Vic Madison
Brittany Murphy as Deliverance Bodine
Tracey Walter as Hedgehog
James Shigeta as Mr. Lau
Masaya Kato as Advanced Model
Dom Magwili as Mr. Chow
Ron Yuan as Razor Scarred
Clive Rosengren as Cantwell
Christopher Michael as Jeb
Ted Smith as Joss
Tedd Szeto as Receptionist/Assistant
R.A. Mihailoff as Singing Trucker
David Watts as Apollo Bartender
Steve Wang

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