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(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie CellularA young man (Evans) receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman (Basinger) who says she's been kidnapped, and thinks she's going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn't know where she is... and his cell phone battery might go dead soon.


Caroline Aaron as Marilyn Mooney
Brenda Ballard as Irate Customer #1
Jason Statham as Ethan
Kim Basinger as Jessica
Will Beinbrinck as Young Security Guard
Jessica Biel as Chloe
Chase Bloch as Timid Boy
Chelsea Bloch as Surf Girl's Friend
Chantille Boudousque as Chloe's Chilly Friend
Robin Brenner as Excitable Customer
Richard Burgi as Craig
Nikki Christian as Porsche Girl
John Churchill as Young Guard
Greg Collins as Aging Security Guard
Valerie Cruz as Bayback
Marco DiMaio as Superior Officer
David R. Ellis

Impressive film! I kept on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The
Plot twists were surprisingly convincing and I did not have to stretch too far
to suspend disbelief. It outshone way my expectations and I found myself
swept right in the action. The superb acting and direction
helps us move from the nail-biting suspense to laugh
ignorant stereotypes store clerks, lawyers and others who unpleasant
were found in various locations in the script. What a great balance
credible and fun! We have had as much time to enjoy this movie.
Parties that were not so credible were very satisfactory, and the parties
were incredibly credible suspense. The point is,
All for a good package. No, I do not go home
a better person for having seen it. And you do not take pictures with you or
reflect major philosophies because of it. It is not an order to kill a Mockingbird
of Of Mice and Men, but it's a wonderful escape from all
problems for a couple of hours and you feel as if you have been in the most exciting
Excitement ride you can find in the park! All thumbs up
By this time!
The neat thing about "Cellular" is to be played on the speed
The evolution of technology and the uses of mobile phones. And, in one of his
Fallas, limited battery life. The premise is simple - a
Women, Jessica (Kim Basinger) is kidnapped by thugs and taken to a
distance, secret location, where trying to pry information from your
About her husband. It later managed to get the small child, and
threaten to kill all of them, whether the "information" is not given. The Thief
destroys the only phone with a sledgehammer, but Jess, a science
Master, warnings that the phone signal is still there, and manages cable
Touching repeatedly to get a connection at random .

Your call is taken by Ryan (Chris Evans) on his cell phone, which at first
think it is a joke played by a friend. So the whole film is
(1) to see if you can get Jess rescued and (2) what the hell is the
Matones were later? Fairly well done, and that includes some humor. I found
More interesting, however, the DVD 20 minutes' extra 'called "
Celling Out," which explores the evolution of technology and psychology of the
flowering phone usage Cell.

SPOILERS FOLLOW. We found near the end of dictators and criminals who are renegades
Police officers, the husband of Jessica had arrived at random about them stealing
Gunfire and some thieves who try drugs, and took the action of the tape
a Camcorder now kept in a safe at a bank.
They wanted to destroy evidence. What finally makes
in Santa Monica Pier. But Ryan had used other technology, which had already
Transferred short video to your cell phone, and transmitted it to
Your computer, the test to get the dirty police officers off the street and
Prison. Bill Macy is good as Mooney, the police completely honest, that
Helps achieve upper hand in the final scene. 1999
police scandal in Los Angeles, where several officers were found to be
Stealing drugs, whether street dealers or evidence room, and
Return to sell. The DVD also has an interesting "extra" recount
Much of this scandal.

Download Cellular
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