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(comedy, drama, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Edward ScissorhandsA modern day fairy tale which tells the story of Edward, the man created by an inventor, who died before finishing him and left Edward with scissors where he should have hands. One day when the local "Avon" representative calls at the historic mansion where Edward has been living alone, she takes him home to stay with her family. He has to adapt to the new life and environment that he isn't used to. Soon he shows a talent in cutting hair and hedges, and wins every body's heart. But life isn't always so sweet...


Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands
Winona Ryder as Kim
Dianne Wiest as Peg
Anthony Michael Hall as Jim
Kathy Baker as Joyce
Robert Oliveri as Kevin
Conchata Ferrell as Helen
Caroline Aaron as Marge
Dick Anthony Williams as Officer Allen
O-Lan Jones as Esmeralda
Vincent Price as The Inventor
Alan Arkin as Bill
Susan Blommaert as Tinka
Linda Perri as Cissy
John Davidson as Host-TV
Tim Burton

Tim Burton is a brilliant visual director, but with Edward Scissorhands
He managed to combine these talents with pure, classic fiction -
Scissorhands is his best film, the abandonment of lightly
Caracterizaciones and special effects-driven by the spectacle (although
Very nice) Batman and serve a compelling detailed
Left-of-center fairytale romance.

The story is fairly basic, with standard Frankenstein-esque tale
alienation and empowerment of love. Edward (Johnny Depp) is a lonely man with scissors
hand, designed by an eccentric inventor
(Magnificently played by Vincent Price in flashbacks)
before his death. After Edward witnessed the death of their creator, which is blocked
distance within his mansion all day, which is located above the other
Alegremente picture-perfect neighborhood of the local community.

Then one day, a nosy neighbor decides to investigate, and ends
Edward realize. It falls in love with a local girl (
Winona Ryder), and is witnessing first-hand the joys of life, until
accidentally injuring a boy and becomes the enemy of
Excessively city . Soon everyone is out for him without reason -
The culmination of a beautiful and done, because he allowed his characters to expand Burton
So it is also very poignant.

The film is decidedly odd, but in a good way - the only problem is that
is sometimes very thin when it comes to the actual depth. Burton's
has never been so good at telling stories credible as mythical
Emotionally fables (see Sleepy Hollow for the same example). Even
Burton's Big Fish - possibly its history more oriented to the film of his career
- It was something shady. The mixture of dark screwball comedy, horror, drama,
Romance and family events and elements of other genres in the results
different combination. You can literally "feel" the atmosphere of this
image, the beating heart of her black blood.

The film was a project for children from Burton, who drew sketches of
Edward as a boy and used to alienate itself from its hostile
Surroundings taking refuge in stories fiction
Scissors hand hero. As a result Burton true affinity for the subject
Clearly - it is clear that he was well aware of the whole project

The acting is wonderful - Depp is the return of one of its finest and
Possibly one of the most compelling and fun for all ages. Depp has formed a
Scorsese and De Niro, as the company over the years
Burton, teaming with various images (including Sleepy Hollow and
Next Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). He always had fun
Enjoy your over-the-top absurdly dark and functions, as
Ichabod Crane in particular. In Scissorhands gives the equivalent of a
Travis Bickle - a man who feels rejected by society, only to open your heart and feel
who have crushed again. This is possibly one of the
reasons, the film is able to affect their audience so well this
Day. The story does not age because values are timeless.

Edward Scissorhands, despite its occasional failures, finally gave Burton
The opportunity to unleash their talents as filmmaker along with a visual
Fairly solid history of mold -- the result is a sublimely dark
Rom-com-drama that never conforms to the typical cliches and gender
It becomes an entire film is unique in its own little world.

4.5 / 5
Edward Scissorhands is really an amazing film. The plethora of exuberant
Cinematography, beautiful musical score, and are very big difference between
characters. The story is simple but very moving. I give
Brumosa eyed at the end, although I have seen many times already. The
Sheet music by Danny Elfman in the incredible Edward Scissorhands is one

His best work. It is achingly beautiful. Every time Tim Burton and Danny Elfman
worked together on a film, the magic happens. Burton's Gothic style
Elfman is halloween-like results are always mix well.

The story surrounds unfinished creation called Edward, played brilliantly
For Johnny Depp. The talented actor Edward managed to be a simple
radiates vulnerability, as well as the passion that suggests moderate
Royal within the imperfect humanity. Edward's scissorhands
Strange and intimidate black and white physical appearance seemed out of place among
Pastel colored suburban surroundings. He is unique, both laugh and when we see Edward
Solidarizamos having trouble trying to eat one
Pea green with his scissorhands, but then we become slack-jawed see
His expression in art of sculpting are effortless, masterly,
Imaginativo, and passionate.

The movie concludes rather unfortunately, still beautiful at the same time. The tragic incident at the end
over Jim (Anthony Michael Hall) is a single act of the two
Without ventilation frustrations over the injustices done by Jim, as well as to protect

Kim Boggs ( Winona Ryder), the love of his life. This shows that while
Incompletos, fearsome scissorhands simply masks his eyes
feelings, conflicts, and the imperfections of a real human being.
His body is not finished, but their hearts are.

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