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Download Movie Good Night, and Good Luck.In the early 1950's, the threat of Communism created an air of paranoia in the United States and exploiting those fears was Senator 'Joseph McCarthy (II)' (qv) of Wisconsin. However, CBS reporter 'Edward R. Murrow (I)' (qv) and his producer 'Fred W. Friendly' (qv) decided to take a stand and challenge McCarthy and expose him for the fear monger he was. However, their actions took a great personal toll on both men, but they stood by their convictions and helped to bring down one of the most controversial senators in American history.


David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow
Robert Downey Jr. as Joe Wershba
Patricia Clarkson as Shirley Wershba
Ray Wise as Don Hollenbeck
Frank Langella as William Paley
Jeff Daniels as Sig Mickelson
George Clooney as Fred Friendly
Tate Donovan as Jesse Zousmer
Thomas McCarthy as Palmer Williams
Matt Ross as Eddie Scott
Reed Diamond as John Aaron
Robert John Burke as Charlie Mack
Grant Heslov as Don Hewitt
Alex Borstein as Natalie
Rose Abdoo as Millie Lerner
George Clooney

The actor / director George Clooney pays tribute to truth and decency in the midst of
mistrust and uncertainty in the Communist witchhunts with his
recreation of its greatest heroes, journalists newsman Edward R.
Murrow in Good Night, and Good Luck. 1950's, the Communists and the subsequent scare subversion
citizens' rights was at its apex with blacklists and rampant
Resulting from accusations ruined lives and careers. Edward R.
Murrow (David Strathairn) was the grand master of the news on the air
East of television for children. With his show's director,
Fred Friendly (George Clooney) and his crew, which includes a dark news
About a service technician that the Air Force was dismissed due to the non
Charges specified. Murrow and CBS essentially assume the U.S.
Air Force in the midst of this climate of suspicion and presumption of guilt. Later,
Murrow is on the team of Senator Joseph McCarthy for making critical comments
Senator and the words of contradictions. McCarthy
Takes Murrow allegations of retaliation with the alleged association with
Un-American groups in the same way as the parent network, CBS, under coils
Sponsorship and pressure unpredictable whims of the network president
William Paley (Frank Langella). As Murrow and his own staff
Tenso under scrutiny by McCarthy and even CBS, and the reaction of public opinion
Response from the print media come to the forefront.

Nothing can compare to the words that have been written and spoken so
Conviction and honesty as pronounced by Murrow. The title of
The film is a direct quote that Murrow employees to sign each week
the close of his interview shows. The filmmakers (including director and writers
Clooney Clooney and Grant Heslov) were wise to leave the text
walk alone. They also benefit from good performances by a cast
Headed by Strathairn (LA Confidential, a League of His Own), a
Official actor who has finally found a vital role to call his own, and
That makes the most of it. He gets the manners and cadence very
Convincing down, and while it may not exactly Strathairn as Murrow, he
The person has nailed. Frank Langella (Dave) is excellent as
Mercurial Paley, whose support of Murrow is tenuous at best.
Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), in the records of what could have been a more defined role as a Newsman
convicts whose guilt by association leads to some changes in the life
Events. Patricia Clarkson (The Station Agent) and Robert Downey Jr.
(Chaplin) who married secretly staff, Joe and Shirley, complete the
Issued. Ironically, perhaps the best performance can be attributed to
McCarthy himself as newscasts offer a fascinating look at perverse
whose infamous political flamboyance and tenacious theatre convicted
career of many government officials and actors cinema or television.
The duel between Murrow and McCarthy seems like two heavyweights going
In that speech in the public arena.

The cinematography by Robert Elswit (Magnolia) is crisp and putting lit
white and black to evoke the past. The design and production
suits are consistent with the period. Only the sight of journalists
Writing in the old-style production of typewriters or assistants performance
Around reels of films or videotapes instead of the discs is fun. The edition
By Stephen Mirrione (Traffic, 21 grams) is tight and rhythm. In
Times study of the emissions of a woman blues singer several bridges
sequences on the theme and mood. The live broadcast of a news network
Program is staged with realism and the frenzy and emotion that
Live television can bring. One wonders what veterans of television as
Sidney Lumet and Robert Altman could have brought to the table.

Murrow the show was a kind of precursor to the current granddaddy of all
Hours of news, 60 minutes. It is interesting to see that his
There was a perfect race having to mix interviews with fluffy shows
Personalities like Liberace on his person-to-person show with
Legitimate news reports. In 93 minutes, the film is surprising that
seems a little short. You almost feel like this is a big-budget episode of
Not a famous recreation shows. The story ends abruptly almost
Since starts being bookended by a formal event in honor of Murrow in 1958.

A couple of things that do not quite work in the film. The characters of Joe and Shirley
must reach an agreement with the network's policy prohibiting
The marriage between her co-workers, but this does not significantly sub -
They serve to move the story forward. Clooney shows a worker-like focus
the direction of the film, but simply not as emotionally as you grab
you like. You sit there entranced by the story, but never fully
Because the pathos of his characters. Instead, the film becomes
Almost a quasi-documentary without much emotion. As

previous films have dealt with the Red Scare and blacklists, this film
compares favourably with the Front and the great television film
Fear trial. Despite the fact that the Soviet Union was a major threat to the
United States during the Cold War, the enemy from within accusatory
was perhaps the greatest threat. The implications and the parallels to today
political climate and the role that television has in shaping perceptions are
Clearly point Clooney and gangs are trying to do. Murrow official
Speech, which begins and ends the movie, is itself a prophetic
And sobering comment indictment and the potential for
Television and foreshadows the future with remarkable prescience. Displays
A man who made a difference. Such is the testimony of a heroic journalist whose integrity
this film to capture, albeit in a
Brief history lesson.
This film is a delight, with Strathairn killed in the performance as
Legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow a safe bet at least
Nominated for an Oscar. Perhaps the best decision by the writer-director George Clooney
was nobody to cast in the role of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Instead,
Clooney uses actual footage of McCarthy in the HUAC hearings and press conferences
. Movies based on real historical facts often
Sensationalize events, but the extensive use of documentary images
brings home the reality of this film history of the line.

Strathairn addition to the better performance to date, the entire cast
Delivery of Clooney himself as Murrow's producer Fred Friendly,
Frank Langella as CBS chairman William Paley Ray Wise as the
Inseguras announcer Don Hollenbeck. If there is a weakness in
Issued, is Jeff Daniels, who was given little to do in the role of director of news and
Sig Mickelson did little with it.

As most people today are known through the 1950's
In black and white images, the decision to film in black and white
Consider also timely, and helps the mixture of documentary images in
perfectly with the actors filmed. The only flaw of the film
It is the lack of real drama. Throughout, Murrow and the band is considered to
has the advantage, despite the sweat
about the potential implications of each action. The piece of history, the ideas presented
concerning the proper role of the media, and the tremendous performances
All of the more than make up for this, however, and I recommend this film to
those who lived through the McCarthy era and which, as
I only have witnessed in the mirror.

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