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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Wait Until DarkAfter an airplane trip, a young woman asks Susie's husband, Sam, to keep a doll for her to avoid spoiling the surprise of her daughter's gift. But the real reason is to avoid her partner, Harry Roat, whom she hopes to cheat of the drugs hidden in the doll. Harry discovers her treachery, murders her and leaves the body in Susie's apartment, where he has tracked Sam and the doll. He concocts an elaborate plan, involving Mike and Carlino, small-time hoods, to get Susie, who recently lost her sight in a fire, to reveal the doll's hiding place. They lure Sam away and take advantage of Susie's blindness, posing as an old friend, a police detective, and a father-son pair of eccentrics. Susie eventually catches on and, with the help of her young neighbor, Gloria, shows everyone that she is indeed "a world-class blind lady."


Audrey Hepburn as Susy Hendrix
Alan Arkin as Harry Roat
Richard Crenna as Mike Talman
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Sam Hendrix
Jack Weston as Carlino
Samantha Jones as Lisa
Julie Herrod as Gloria
Robby Benson as Boy Tossing Ball in Opening Airport Scene
Jean Del Val as The Old Man
Gary Morgan as Teenage boy on street
Frank O'Brien as Shatner
Terence Young

At first I thought that this movie would be only slightly suspenseful, but how
I was wrong. This is quite clever movie. I was really surprised by the
Minuciosa attention given to even small details. Everything in this movie
only fit perfectly .... Rhythm, configuration, the overall
spirit, how one thing leads to another .... Everything. The head of this
The film has done a great job. Of course, what this movie without being given the
Excellent performance by its cast. Who has been known that
Audrey Hepburn, one of the classiest ladies of the twentieth century, would be so
Suitable for a thriller like this. She plays a blind woman, and she
is so right for this part. Its performance is remarkable .... I can not picture
Any other actress of the day in that role. Also, Alan Arkin is impressive,
Playing a psychotic murderer. For the most part, this film contains some
Espantosos moments that will make you jump. Definitely Wait Until Dark to see
This film .... Turn off all the lights and see if after midnight
can, for greater effect suspenseful.
We simply this film by "desperation" - I could not find any
Actual movie he wanted to see or that I had not seen before, so
only completed in the channel for this movie is about. It luck! What fun, suspenseful

If you have not seen Audrey Hepburn in a film, and see this "
Breakfast at Tiffany's" and you * really appreciate her talent and beauty. Besides
mention is Alan Arkin. I have read that the critics do not like his role of
Heavy in this film when it was first published, but personally I think it is great she
- intimidate and kitschy at the same time.

This film is based suspense throughout perfectly. There is a pause or
let-down that is! Moreover, this is a turning point and an end to a classic
Suspense / horror plot element has been done many times since then, but not

The Bottom Line:
4 1 / 2 Jiffy's Out of 5

Download Wait Until Dark
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