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(action, adventure, drama, fantasy, thriller)
Download Movie King KongSet in the 1930s, this is the story of a young and beautiful actress Ann Darrow from the world of vaudeville who finds herself lost in depression-era New York and her luck changes when she meets an over-ambitious filmmaker Carl Denham who brings her on an exploratory expedition to a remote island where she finds compassion and the true meaning of humanity with an ape Kong. The beauty and the beast finally meet their fate back in the city of New York where the filmmaker takes and displays the ape in quest of his fame by commercial exploitation which ultimately leads to catastrophe for everyone including a playwright Jack Driscoll who falls in love with Ann and plays an unlikely hero by trying to save her from Kong and her destiny.


Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow
Jack Black as Carl Denham
Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Englehorn
Colin Hanks as Preston
Andy Serkis as Kong/Lumpy
Evan Parke as Hayes
Jamie Bell as Jimmy
Lobo Chan as Choy
John Sumner as Herb
Craig Hall as Mike
Kyle Chandler as Bruce Baxter
Mark Hadlow as Harry
Geraldine Brophy as Maude
David Denis as Taps
Peter Jackson
Bryan Singer

With the technology available for special effects, this could have been
A great movie. Unfortunately, it was not. Unfortunately, this movie only shows
point that the good effects not make a good film.

What happened here is that a film with enough plot to last for the time being as the original
stretched out to try to fill the 3 hours of screen time,
And the result is disastrous. Moreover, it is quite clear that the CGI
Nerds and video game designers had too much on this entry

All can be summarized with a top 10 list of the worst scenes
/ errors of the film:

10. The waste time, too long, around the irrelevant plot line
Ann Darrow, the old man, and theater get closed. Not relevant

9. The CGI nerd focus on the spinning wheels on the plane
fighter aircraft. Somebody said, "Is this not the best thing that you have seen?".
Only lasted a few seconds, but it is only because there is some
GIGANTIC nerd wanted in. Guess what? NOT cool.

8. The plot on the line and Jimmy Hayes. Not necessary,
relevant, and ultimately, unresolved. Why was protective of
Jimmy Hayes? Is Jimmy go to do something himself? You never know. Why
Someone must know say "Heart of Darkness" or any of the other
Foolishness to be discussed between them? Total waste of time, stalls

7. Ann Kong violent shaking around after coming to his house,
And its not suffering ill effects. She had not only injured, but died.
Kong was supposed to be gentle with Ann, duh. Completely missed the point.

6. The waste time, too long, irritating scenes where Kong
Ruge repeatedly without reason. CGI nerds /
effects are responsible people, I am sure. They obviously took over the entire film. Probable
discussion: "Is not the coolest thing ever the roar you
View / ear? Let's use it 47 times! "

5. The scenario completely absurd when Kong destroys the stolen taxi
But Driscoll (inside) is not even scratched. Guess what? That's right,
had died. Come on, you can at least TRY to make this thing

4. The completely horrific scene where Kong fight 3 T-Rexes while holding
Anne in the hand. For God's sake, and I thought that she died instantly. Less
In the original had the sense of having him put to the fight
Tyrannosaurus, a key element ignored in the remake, here and elsewhere
the film. They also miss the point about the celebration of the planes again
When Kong is holding Ann, see above. Point lost.

And the top 3…

3. The incredibly absurd and insulting scene where Jimmy shoots
All CGI nerd created insects outside Driscoll. Close your eyes while
Gunfire, beatings and all bugs. It is not just a leftover from
Jar-Jar Binks in the great battle with the gun stuck to his tail, WAS
Jar-Jar Binks in the great battle with the gun stuck to his tail.
Totally Unacceptable.

2. The even more absurd and insulting and more asinine
Brontosaurus stampede scene. That almost takes the cake for the worse
scene in the movie in history, if not the next. Beyond ridiculous,
Totally unbelievable, the quality of the video-game. Graphics and affected
Shortly realistic. CGI nerds were probably slapping high fives see how
Many asinine near miss, "Raptor almost gets the character before being
Stomped by the brontosaurus," Tom and Jerry scenes that might create.
Asinine beyond belief.

1. The horrible, horrible ridiculous scene where Kong and Ann and all
are falling through the vines, get caught repeatedly by the new vineyards
swinging, not getting injured, the fall again, captured by another
swinging vine, not getting injured, etc. Vines as a pendulum swing -
the monster gobbling nearly Ann, only to be just beyond their reach,
Repeatedly. This is not a matter of "King Kong", which belonged in "Donkey Kong Jr.

If you removed all of this nonsense irrelevant, which could remain
not have been so bad. It would probably be quite good, in fact.
Sadly, it was made in. It's hard to imagine how a DVD insufferable
"Director's Cut" could be.

On the positive side, Naomi Watts was excellent, like Jack Black. The
Acting in general is a positive fact, no real complaints. And
animation Kong himself was excellent. Very well done.

Sadly, however, very little of the film involved acting. It all
About what makes a great game and video to all intents and purposes. The
effects are not characteristic of the film, they are there to support

To summarize, there are a lot of good pieces, but there were also
Many of the ill. Ultimately were used too, and many of them did not belong
Let me be the first to admit that there is nothing wrong with a long
Cinema, nothing at all. "Titanic" is a film that was exactly how long
time they need to be. "Gone with the Wind" was a reality long
film that was exactly the time they need to be. "Dances with Wolves"
was a long movie that desire has been even longer when I saw that the
Theatre. But "King Kong"? Phhewww ... This sucker clocks in at least 30-60 minutes
more than necessary. While playing, I inadvertently left
thinking to myself, 'Boy, that really is due to the sea
... So far they have not come to the island? Man ..., which are for sale
Ann going to find? ... Jeez, when are we going to return to Manhattan
already ?..." and so forth. Hand of God - and I actually yawned twice during the
Last third of this movie. Even close our eyes for a second before I
Reality, 'hey ... Can not be reversed only when he wakes up! "

Course, in many scenes from" King Kong "were exciting (for example, the AMA T-Rex
Sequence), and yes, I even teared a bit a couple of times . And I
say, the very Kong is beautifully done - which acted and
REAL as a gorilla (though a little anthropomorphized)! But I gotta tell you ...
I was more relieved that exhilarated when this movie ended.
(If I saw more of a flyover of the native village, I was going to scream!)
Peter baby ... ... Why spend so much time on development of all these strange
Personality side if they really do not have much to them by the closure
end. For example, the captain of the ship and Jimmy ... Once we leave Skull Island
pfffftttt ... ... Never again. Why all the backstory
scenes about them? As in the original version, Jackson should have
simply concentrated on the four main characters around: Kong, Ann,
Driscoll and Denham. Period.

The problem is Jackson tried to make an epic of a thriller when
These two approaches are usually exclusive to the other. The
original "Kong" MOVED because it is simply a thriller and content of
Be well, the remake, but Jackson starts and stops and starts and stops and starts and
stops just frustrating thrillseeker in which we want to move forward
every time Jackson provides some momentum. But instead
Jackson pauses to "deepen" or "scan" or "develop" the David Lean
Or something like that. One can excuse Jackson for shooting both
Material for the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy - consider
rich source material. But how someone could have taken the original 100 minutes and
almost doubled during a remake has too much memory in your Mac. He
should have saved all the extra scenes (and I am betting there is a LOT more
not seen in the theatrical cut) for the DVD version, as it did
For LOTR. Mr Jackson as the first priority of a filmmaker (well, all
filmmakers) is the most appropriate for presenting cutting THEATRICAL
During the initial hearing of the film in theaters exhibition.
In this case, most WAS less. Movies much shorter than in the past have had

Honestly, though doubtless enjoy "King Kong", which
really have no desire to see this movie again - I could not bring myself to sit through all
padding just to get the good part. How I wish
Jackson and / or Universal would consider releasing a 2-hour DVD version.
Hey, it happened before, so what's the harm? Within a year there will be only 17
versions on DVD anyway ... It is one more? But having
Sitting through a DVD version 3-4 hours a day? I will take a pass.

Recommend seeing "King Kong"? Of course. We probably enjoy it
Enormemente, although it is overlength. But if he does go, by all means lay
Jumbo front of the Coca-Cola until at least 90 minutes! You thank me later.

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