Monsters, Inc.

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(animation, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Monsters, Inc.James P. Sullivan (AKA "Sulley") and Mike Wazowski pick up their paychecks at Monsters Inc., the utility company that generates energy from the goose bumps of children. Sulley, the No. 1 scream-generator at the plant accidentally lets in a little girl into the monster world. Since monsters are actually terrified of children it's a major cause for alarm and a major headache for Sulley and Mike.


John Goodman as James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski
Mary Gibbs as Boo/Mary
Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs
James Coburn as Henry J. Waternoose III
Jennifer Tilly as Celia
Bob Peterson as Roz
John Ratzenberger as Yeti
Frank Oz as Fungus
Dan Gerson as Needleman/Smitty
Steve Susskind as Floor Manager
Bonnie Hunt as Flint
Jeff Pidgeon as Bile
Samuel Lord Black as George Sanderson
Jack Angel as Additional Voice
Peter Docter
David Silverman
Lee Unkrich

Pixar is the best! Of these, Monsters, Inc. takes the cake. The
The realism of the characters in the movement and feelings is perfect. The ending is a tear jerker
on a happy note. At first I was concerned about the plot
frighten children with the monsters of "business as usual" attitude,
But soon discover that the monsters are terrified of
Children are like children the monsters .... Everything wonderful juxtaposition
The film ... Totally nice, feel-good story. Buy for children
And lets see it again and again. (Adults may want to sit-in the most
occasion that they themselves). Personal Note: For me, a mystery about
This film was "Roz", the voice reminded me so strongly of the
Granny "Dinosaurs", and I thought that the picture was a And similar
; to the investigation of the two, I found that they are definitely
Different actors.
The best way to describe this movie is, in a word, fun! "Monsters, Inc.
" is a film that can easily fall in love with. Have some great fun
character, some impressive moments, and some well-placed comic
Moments. "Monsters, Inc." is entertainment at its best.

The voice cast is astonishing. John Goodman and Billy Crystal make a substantial
Duo leader. Steve Buscemi is a great villain and James Coburn has a great voice
that perfectly fits his character. John Ratzenberger as
It is always very entertaining this time in a role as Yeti banished.

The story itself is fairly simple but it makes it easy
Track and very entertaining to watch. The film not only knows how
difference between, but also knows how and when to emote. The combination of emotional and
Funny things is perfectly balanced and placed within the

There are some great dialogue, but the real power of "Monsters, Inc."
wonderful characters. There is only a wild variety of strange characters
And strangers, but also some people who are good for some laughs
Graves and Boo is simply adorable and good
representation of a child in real life. Pixar Well done!

Pure entertainment for the whole family!


Download Monsters, Inc.
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