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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie BrickIn a modern-day Southern California neighborhood and high school, student Brendan Frye's piercing intelligence spares no one. He's not afraid to back up his words with actions, and knows all the angles; yet he prefers to stay an outsider, and does - until the day that his ex-girlfriend, Emily, reaches out to him unexpectedly and then vanishes. His feelings for her still run deep; so much so, that he becomes consumed with finding his troubled inamorata. To find her, he enlists the aid of his only true peer, the Brain, while keeping the assistant vice principal only occasionally informed of what quickly becomes a dangerous investigation. Brendan's single-minded unearthing of students' secrets thrusts him headlong into the colliding social orbits of rich-girl sophisticate Laura, intimidating Tugger, substance-abusing Dode, seductive Kara, jock Brad and - most ominously - non-student the Pin. Only by gaining acceptance into the Pin's closely guarded inner circle of crime and punishment that Brendan will be able to uncover hard truths about himself, Emily and the suspects that he is getting closer to.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Brendan
Nora Zehetner as Laura
Lukas Haas as The Pin
Noah Fleiss as Tugger
Matt O'Leary as The Brain
Emilie de Ravin as Emily
Noah Segan as Dode
Richard Roundtree as Assistant V.P. Trueman
Meagan Good as Kara
Brian J. White as Brad Bramish
Jonathan Cauff as Biff
Reedy Gibbs as Pin's Mom
Lucas Babin as Big Stoner
Tracy Wilcoxen as Straggler
Ari Welkom as Tangels
Rian Johnson

The geography of cinema is usually a black neighborhood, a city, a region
... Brick transposes this geography in a high school with
Surprisingly good results. Seeing that brought to mind not only
black and white films of the 40's and 50, but flashes
Gus van Sant, David Lynch and River's Edge. What gives the film Brick
Authenticity (very different from the reality) is their language -
Language Chandler and Hammett, but re-imagined from the lips of Contemporary

The effect is amazing. Brick essentially re-creates a world in which I thought I knew
. Suddenly there are forces at work which we recognize
Because we knew that they were there. But to see them in this brightness is noir
To give you an exciting new life ... "To see
again for the first time." Plot twists and surprises are abundant here, though
Family once you realize the inspiration for the film. But
Familiarity is more than offset by a magnificent cast and (
not generally observed in these comments) excellent music. Contemporizing
soundtrack keeps us on our toes and contributes significantly to
voltage Brick.

An excellent debut!
That is the story, right? Returning to the days of "China Town" with Jack Nicholson
lead after the hunt driver, which makes the corners right and left, only to discover
corners. Duping Who's who? We do not know until the Final
this dizzying pace, hipster slang drenched revival of the wild
Classic Black & White Film Noir. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yes, the kid
Third Rock) is a shining hero / blade and Brendan, bitingly dry
Quick, witty, yet scrappy reluctant detective trying to walk his
Way through a network of lies, more lies, murder and the large amount of missing drugs.
His character is bright, readable as a psychic in
Crack, change things in their favour in the second and playing as deftly as people
He is ultimately played himself. ... And he can take a punch. The plot
It becomes this way, then that, as you constantly guessing where
That will take you next. As soon as you think you know what is happening,
You do not. Nora Zehetner and it is a beautiful femme fatale.
"Brian" (Matt O'Leary), who is constantly feeding his facts Brendan
And keeping him on track, he knows his stuff, but we will never know how.
Rian Johnson has written a screenplay and directed surprising in a quasi
Swirl experience, painful betrayal and love / love
Lost. The language takes a second to capture. It reminds me of the Swingers, had
was exciting because it was fun. The words fall into place and
give the film a slick, quick delivery as the best exchanges between
Bogart and Bergman, Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake. Take all this and drop
In a dark, brutal world clearly modern ... In a high school, of all places
. Even some extravagant humor thrown in, although most of the
Laughter from the audience were really nervous release of all
Tension built in history. A must see.

Download Brick
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