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(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Mulholland Dr.A bright-eyed young actress travels to Hollywood, only to be ensnared in a dark conspiracy involving a woman who was nearly murdered, and now has amnesia because of a car crash. Eventually, both women are pulled into a psychotic illusion involving a dangerous blue box, a director named Adam Kesher, and the mysterious night club Silencio.


Naomi Watts as Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn
Laura Harring as Rita/Camilla Rhodes
Ann Miller as Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix/Adam's Mother
Dan Hedaya as Vincenzo Castigliane
Justin Theroux as Adam Kesher
Brent Briscoe as Detective Neal Domgaard
Robert Forster as Detective Harry McKnight
Katharine Towne as Cynthia Jenzen
Lee Grant as Louise Bonner
Scott Coffey as Wilkins
Billy Ray Cyrus as Gene
Chad Everett as Jimmy Katz
Rita Taggart as Linney James
James Karen as Wally Brown
Lori Heuring as Lorraine Kesher
Mark Pellegrino as Joe Messing
David Lynch

Originally filmed in 1999 as a pilot TV, "Mulholland Dr." was rejected.
Next year, David Lynch received money to shoot new scenes for fazer The film proper shown in cinemas. He did - and created a
older people, the majority of films and bizarre nightmare ever.

The film really has no main characters, but if there
main characters, which would Betty (Naomi Watts) and Rita (Laura Elena Harring
). Betty is a perky blonde who stay in the apartment of his aunt
While auditions for parts in movies. She found her aunt Rita in the
apartment and decides to help her. You see, Rita lost her memory. She
not have any idea what it. She takes its name, Rita, "Gilda" poster
In the bathroom. So the two set out to discover who is really Rita.

David Lynch has been known to make some strange movies, but this movie is the definition of
rare. It is strange, nightmarish, and the absolute
Indescriptible. It's like a dream captured in the film. In the 100-minute
point, the movie has become extremely confusing - but if it has been
Looking closely, it makes sense. Having seen the film
And after reading an article on the Internet stating things in the
movie, I now understand the film completely.

The acting is very good. Watts is unbelievable. Justin Theroux is very good
As a director of Hollywood facing problems with the local mafia.
The music is excellent. Angelo Badalamenti delivers one of his best results. And
The address - hah! David Lynch is as masterful as ever a filmmaker was

Is this your kind of movie? Well, that depends. Probably should see
Over Lynch's work before seeing this movie. Note that you must
patient with the film, and probably to see a second time to collect
Lynch has left many clues throughout the film. For fans Lynch,
This is a dream come true.

"Mulholland Dr." is a masterpiece. It is brilliant, enigmatic, and
Magistralmente filmed. I love it.
There is a sign that says that in the Lost Highway:


(but you already knew that, right?)

; Since there are a large number of people who, apparently, did not get the point
this movie, I like to contribute with my interpretation of why the plot
every way. As others have pointed out, one:
The film is not enough. If you have the DVD MD, we can "fool"
by David Lynch, in search of the "Top 10 Tips for Unlocking MD" (but only
second or third viewing, please.);)

First, Mulholland Drive is frankly brilliant. A masterpiece.
This is the kind of film that refuse to leave your head. Often they are
Comments on the DVD high-precision, but the Vogue "gets inside your head and stays there
" really hit the mark.

David Lynch deserves praise for creating a film that not only has a
Beautifully stylish look the same - cinematography-wise, it has a great acting
(Eng. Naomi Watts) , a disturbing soundtrack of Badalamenti, and a very
dream-like quality to it - but above all it also gets
viewer in a way that few films have before . (After all, when is
The last time he saw a film that not just leave their account and that
All felt compelled to talk and write about, whether

She liked him or hated?)

Allright, enough about all this, it's time to justify the

Majority of the people who have gone through some effort to try to piece the plot
This has come to the conclusion that the first half of the
an illusion or a dream sequence.

Of course, that is very bad for all those trying to make sense of the film

Waiting For "traditional" methods of history in which they have a < br> Timely,
logic and linear way for the viewer. But for those who expect

urge you to verify the name of the director and back again.

MD is the story of the sad demise of Diane Selwyn, an actor-wannabe that
Hope in love with another actor, Camilla Rowles. Due to the lack Diane
talent, which is in constant struggle to advance his career, and feels she

not handed in their own and their parents' expectations. After conducting
Camilla will never be theirs (Ch. becomes engaged with Adam Kesher,
Director), who hires a hitman to get rid of it, and then you have to make
compared with the guilt that it produces.

The first film starts with what may seem like a strange opening to

This type thriller, which is approximately 50 years of dance / jitterbug contest, which
You can
See main character Betty giving a great performance. We also see an elderly
Young (who will most twice in the whole movie)

Along With it, and applauding.

No, wait. This is what most people see the first time you see it. There

In fact another very significant that occurs before the credits -
camera on a moving object (though blurred) and the scene quickly
Fade. If you look closely, the object is actually a pillow,
what follows is a dream.

The main characters seen in the first half of the film:

Betty: Diane Selwyn's imaginary self, which is used in the first half of the film
is the "dream sequence" - a positive image of a
Success, young aspiring actor (the complete opposite of Diane). 'Betty'
was chosen as the name that this is the name of the waitress in
Note that in the dream version, the waitresses' name is

Rita: The version of the fantasy that Camilla Rhodes, through Diane sleep

And with the help of an imaginary car accident, became an amnesiac.

This makes it vulnerable and dependent on the love of Diane. She is then

Conveniently Located in Betty / Diane 's luxurious house of Aunt Betty, have been allowed to stay in.

Coco: In life Real, the mother of Adam. In the dream, the woman in charge

apartment complex that Betty stays in. She is mainly a strong
authority figure, as seen in the two parts of the film.

Adam: The director. We know the second half that he has contracted with
Camilla. Its sole purpose of being in the first half of the film is only
To serve as drilling bag Betty / Diane, which develops from that
hatred towards him.

Aunt Ruth: Diane real aunt, but instead of being out of town, she is
really dead. Diane inherited the money left by her aunt and used
Paying for the murder of Camilla.

Mr Roach: A typical Lynchian character. There is real only appears in
Diane's dream sequence. He is a mysterious and influential of the person who controls
chain of events in the dream of his wheelchair. He serves much of the

Positions Himself as reverse talk dwarf (who also plays),
Twin Peaks.

Hitman: the person who murdered Camilla. This character is basically

Itself on both sides of the film, but rendered in a little more
Fashion in the dream sequence (more on that below).

Now, having established the different versions of the characters in the
we begin to delve into the plot. Of course, I will not go into every little detail
(nor will I lay out in chronological order), but I will try

Explain some of the important scenes, under Lynch '
"Track leaf."

As mentioned earlier, Camilla was re-produced as through its amnesiac
Improbable survival of a car accident-in the first 10 minutes of the
That left her completely vulnerable. What I found very intriguing with
Lynch is that constantly gives advice about what is real and what is not. He has already been mentioned
the camera moving in the pillow, but notice how
Two cars travelling in each lane to address the limousine.

Only one of the cars really hit the limo, what about the others? Even if
became clear that the accident at them, not trying to help

Other, or at least ask for help? My theory is that since this is a dream

The presence of the other cars is more than shelved and forgotten. Since

Rogert Ebert as so eloquently put it "Like dreams real, not Explain
not complete their sequence lingers over what it finds
Fascinating, dismisses little plotlines. "

Shortly after Rita tracks from the crash site in Mulholland Dr., and
makes its way to the hillside and sneaks into the apartment of Aunt Ruth, Betty

arrives and we see this creepy old couple driving away, watching ghoulishly
others and themselves and smile at the camera.
This is the first indication that what we are seeing is a nightmare.

While the former couple appeared to be familiar with Betty, I think they are
Actually their parents (as they were applauding her in the jitterbugging
Contest). Perhaps she did not know who all of them, and really have not

As good a relationship with them as she wanted, so that the couple is shown as
Very pleasant and helpful to her in the dream. They also represent his
Feelings of guilt for the murder, Diane and sense of failure
In connection with its goals is not in his life.

A little long and hilarious scene is the one involving warner. Diane
Apparently he sees as the main force behind the campaign trying to
The director of the pressure to accept Camilla by the film (Adam's
Party in the second half of the film), and, therefore, occupies an important
Part of his dream. Because of his feelings of guilt and remorse toward

The Assassination of Camilla, a part of her wants to lose, it becomes
Mudos criminal.

This scene, in my opinion, is also an attempt to completely screw Lynch
Over audience, as they are given a false claim in which to view

Gotta love that "Something just bit me bad" line, however.

The next interesting scene is the one with two people in Twinkies,

are having a conversation about how one of them to continue this appellant
Nightmare of a man who was seen by him through an outer wall of

Canteen who are sitting in. After talking a bit, away from the head and
Continue walking toward the corner of a fence, of course accompanied by music
Excellent match the mood of the scene.

When you reach the corner, a vagabond-like character with a disfigured face
appears behind the corner, scaring the living crap out of the man
have nightmares. This nightmare exists only in the minds of Diane, she saw
kind in the dining room to pay for the murder. So, ultimately, his
Obessions result in the low rate of nightmares. The vagabond also means

Diane side of evil, as can be witnessed later in the film.

The Cowboy is (along with the dwarf) one of the strange characters

are ever present in the landscape Lynchian - Diane only saw
To A short
time in the match Adam, but like our own dreams can award
Insignificantes people who barely know an important part in our dreams, so it can

He was awarded an important part in his dream . It also gives us more
Runs during her scenes that what we are seeing is not real (
his sudden disappearance, etc.)

The Cowboy is also used as a tool for mock Director , when it meets up
him somewhere (here the lights give a clear indication that
This is part of a dream). Also notice how he says he will get an
More time if he (Adam) does good, or twice as much if they do evil.
Throughout the film appears twice more, indicating that Diane
He evil. He is also the one to his awakening to the reality (which is the scene
probably an illusion made to fit their needs for what appears
Twice), and soon after she was suicidal.

Espresso-The scene with the brothers Castigliane (where we can see
Badalamenti, composer, as Luigi) is probably a result of the fact that
Diane was having an espresso fair before Camilla and Adam
Adam made his announcement at the party in the second half. It could, while also
Being a statement Lynch.

During the scene in which Diane enter the apartment, the body lying in the bed is
Camilla, but she took into account how Diane
sleeping position; < br> Diane is seeing himself in his own dream, but his face is not yours,

Although he had the same facial injuries as Diane would have after the shooting
Herself. This scene is also filled with true Lynchian creepiness.
Since Diane did not know where (or when) warner to reach Camilla
Finish your takeoff, she just put her into her own home.

In real life, Diane audition for the film part was bad. In her dream, she

offers a perfect hearing - leaving entire crew
ecstatic about his performance.

It is also interesting that the money which in real life was used to
Paying for the murder of Camilla now appears in Rita / Camilla 's wallet. This is part of
Diane annulment of the act by its effectiveness is due to the terrible

Money Back, as the killing has not taken place.

When your neighbor comes to get his piano in the form of an ashtray, another track is
Because, she took the ashtray of your table and leaves, but later, when Betty and
Camilla have their meeting on the couch, we see the ashtray
appear again when the camera dishes on the table, suggesting that Betty
encounter with the neighbor is a fantasy.

The catch phrase of the film is Adam actresses hearing is "She is
The girl," which are exactly the same words used by Diane time of
Warner resume photo of Camilla.

Blue box and the key represent an important turning point in the film,
is where the true identity of the characters are revealed. Symbolism
There is a lot going on here, the table may represent the future of Diane (
Or it may be a kind of a Pandora's box (the hitman He laughs when asked

The key will be opened). Either way, which is connected to the murder by
key blue (which is placed next to it after the murder had taken
Place). The cabinet is also seen at the end of the film in the hands of
Desfigurado bum.

Club Silencio is a small and attractive also worth pointing out that the spectator
What s / he is seeing is not real. It also means that is about to Diane
Raise your reality (its reality is a nightmare not in a position

Escape, even in their dreams).

During the chilling scene at the end where the couple old creepy reappear
Diane is tormented in a way that she sees suicide as the only way out
To escape the shouts and to avoid being harassed by his

In any case, that's my $ 0.02. I hope that this could help people in attacks
This film and calling for 'the worst movie ever "or something to that effect
, without realising the plot.

As usual, Lynch is all about the creation of irrational fears, and that certainly
accomplished with this picture too.

10 of 10.

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