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(drama, history, thriller)
Download Movie The Last King of ScotlandIn the early 1970s, Nicholas Garrigan, a young semi-idealistic Scottish doctor, comes to Uganda to assist in a rural hospital. Once there, he soon meets up with the new President, Idi Amin, who promises a golden age for the African nation. Garrigan hits it off immediately with the rabid Scotland fan, who soon offers him a senior position in the national health department and becomes one of Amin's closest advisers. However as the years pass, Garrigan cannot help but notice Amin's increasingly erratic behavior that grows beyond a legitimate fear of assassination into a murderous insanity that is driving Uganda into bloody ruin. Realizing his dire situation with the lunatic leader unwilling to let him go home, Garrigan must make some crucial decisions that could mean his death if the despot finds out.


Forest Whitaker as General Idi Amin Dada
James McAvoy as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan
Kerry Washington as Kay Amin
Gillian Anderson as Sarah Merrit
Simon McBurney as Nigel Stone
David Oyelowo as Dr. Thomas Junju
Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga as Masanga
Adam Kotz as Dr. David Merrit
Barbara Rafferty as Mrs. Garrigan
David Ashton as Dr. Garrigan
Giles Foden as British Journalist #1
Andy Williams as British Journalist #2
Martina Amati as Italian Journalist
Peter Salmon as White Businessman
Michael Wawuyo as Air Force Commander
Kevin Macdonald

A young medical graduate Nicolas from Scotland went to Uganda
In the decade of 1970 with the hope that it may offer their hands to help Ugandans
People. Instead of serving the poor and necessary, met with the charismatic
Dictador Idi Amin of Uganda and his life is changed forever.

I did not know anything about Idi Amin before the film, but I know a lot about him
after the film. It is still charismatic brutal. I
I get to become his friend when for the first time to meet with him, and then
Taking into account that he may be the worst monster in my life and I want
Escaping away from him. Idi Amin of character is so alive and
Fascinating in this film, through the excellent performance of
Forest Whitaker.

I know that is only the beginning of the season of Oscar, but Forest Whitaker
definitely gives an Oscar worthy performance in this film as Idi Amin.

It is a gripping film that keeps me on the edge of my seat all

Performance is exceptional cinematography is impressive,
History is attractive, music is deeply moving, and the film is simply

And the Oscar written all over it.

Yes, I am giving it a rare 10 of 10.
Life, unlike the bad movies, is rarely evident. In life, murderous
Dictators do not appear - especially in the first - and mustache-spinning
Snidley Whiplash figures, cackling madly (but Mussolini came
Strict). The truth about monsters is that they are afraid of
Tridimensionales beings, not cardboard cut, just kill a bunch of
People, but otherwise put their pants on one leg at a time ,
And I like you, and that makes them much scarier if it came from another planet

In the best film of the "gender dictator" by Oliver Hirschbiegel
Shining "Downfall" Hitler appears as a man who is nice to her dog
And his secretary ( more or less in that order), and the impact of work
is all the greater as we are witnessing what a "real person" is capable of
Making. Luis Puenzo "The Official History," the reign of Pinochet
Terror is represented by a single act of violence, is like a door
Pirateado of the hands of Norma Aleandro, the effect is impressive and "Real".

Hands of a less talented director, the story of Idi Amin was
was said against the mountains of skulls and bones left behind by Uganda
Loco ruler in 1970. (His total number of victims is estimated at 300,000.)
Kevin Macdonald complex, intelligent and gripping "The Last King of Scotland
," more than half of the two-hour film subtly implies, The dark forces
tracks below normal, while "life goes on."

And so, after establishing actual contact with the public, a cheerful and
Seductive Forest Whitaker then took our breath away as the mask comes
Outside, and reaches its Amin out on the screen of your throat.

Macdonald - whose previous works are documentaries, including
Oscar-winning "One day in September" on the Olympic Games in Munich
terrorist incident - Amin looks through the eyes of a young Scots
Doctor (James McAvoy), a well-intentioned, honest humanitarian slowly
Seducir by the Scots loving Amin, who appointed him his personal physician
Then adviser.

McAvoy The character is fictional (although Amin did have a Scots
Medical), which comes from the novel by Giles Foden of the same name, but only
Above all else in the film is based on the fact - to the point that
Some images documentary is seamlessly integrated into the film. And yet,
What is more important and prominent about "Last King" is that just as a
Paint can overcome a photograph in the presentation of reality, this film
Transmits seduction and the horror of a brutal dictatorship indirectly
Sutilmente, unexpectedly.

Unexpected - and welcome - there are many flashes of humour, both Whitaker
(Dictador personality) and McAvoy (anxious offspring of a physician
Hiperactivo hormones) make the best of him. The tone is established in
opening sequence, as frustration, the young repressed Dr. Garrigan
ago turn a small balloon oath repeatedly that he will move to the first
Onsite ( " the first! ") that the points where the world stops. The first
Land turns out to be Canada. McAvoy / Garrigan takes a look
Doubt ... And turn again. And so to Uganda ...

Linear, flowing freely from the narrative is masterful, taking us from
small village where Dr Garrigan tries to do good and ends up
Well through a chance encounter with Amin, a Kampala court
much intrigue and debauchery of colors (even as the fate of a nation is at
Game), and finally to Entebbe.

Fun & Games, a veritable landscape (the film was shot in Uganda),
Subtlety, psychology, a heart-pounding scene in Entebbe (
after the abduction, but before that the redemption of Israel), nudity, sex, violence,
Angustiosa question about "what would you do" and all - "Last King"
A wonderful compendium of facts and truths greater. Also, a
hell of a good movie.

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