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(drama, mystery)
Download Movie Inland EmpireAfter taking the lead in a new movie Hollywood star Nikki Grace learns the script is based on an old polish film, which was abandoned after the two lead roles of the film were murdered, Thinking the film is cursed Nikki's imagination runs riot.


Laura Dern as Nikki Grace/Susan Blue
Jeremy Irons as Kingsley Stewart
Justin Theroux as Devon Berk/Billy Side
Harry Dean Stanton as Freddie Howard
Peter J. Lucas as Piotrek Krol
Karolina Gruszka as Lost Girl
Jan Hencz as Janek
Krzysztof Majchrzak as Phantom
Grace Zabriskie as Visitor #1
Diane Ladd as Marilyn Levens
Julia Ormond as Doris Side
Ian Abercrombie as Henry the Butler
Karen Baird as Servant
Bellina Logan as Linda
Amanda Foreman as Tracy
David Lynch

Lynch has raised the artistic integrity.

Lynch never tell us what none of his films are about - in fact, if he
never know or accept that it might be a film about something in particular
. There can be no evaluation of specific interpretation
approach. There should be such an approach, whether consciously or not.
Lynch probably agree. He is right - and some of the comments here
disappointment expressed by his fans are welcome examples of why this is so.
I am sure that he also understood and agreed with my rebuttal - "Who
You care, it's fun"

When fans either gush about the brilliance of a piece of work or resorting
name calling ( "shorts ??"), pretentious, the film is, like most
works of art, is not going to allow much of a background.

Many intelligent and well written comments here in the treatment of IMDb
Technical aspects of the film. This review is not the film HOW
That has been done, but rather the film WHAT.

If you have not seen the movie, try this test. If it does not fit, then I can not recommend
see Inland Empire. If it does, read on
Get in the head that no spoiler here, really. The
Interpretation offered below is not even an opinion, which is no more than a
Easy, heuristically that build creative use to talk about
My first film after seeing.

If you have seen this movie probably view of the interpretation
Then as too simplistic - that is, if they have. That's good. I do not
care, but please send me a note if you want to discuss it. Keep
mind - as I said earlier - I am just using this interpretation as
A means for discussion. Do not take it too seriously, I really do not care
to defend this.

Laura Dern must win two awards from the academy Inland Empire -
As for Best Actress Nikki and best supporting actress for the role of Nikki as a
whole life - Susan. It will not come, because this movie will be nominated
systematically ignored by the mainstream.

Why nurture talent act early in the review? Because this
Inherentemente nonlinear film (although it is more linear plot driven and
Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway) offers one of the many
Possible (possibly an infinite number of) interpretation Linear -
movie is / could be about acting and losing one's identity on a piece of paper. All
It might be happening in Dern / Nikki / Susan 's head as she comes to face
what she is doing at all three levels of "reality" portrayed.

If this interpretation were chosen, free association
Among the functions performed by the Polish actress / victim / perpetrator of
The movie "47" and Dern played by the actress or the victim / aggressor in
"Blue Skies" to create a meta-text which, although invisible and unexplicated
Throughout the film, however, is identified as the subject of his
Untying and power execution and creativity in the production
fiction / reality / drama.

This interpretation has been proposed by all of the many seemingly outside
Place and discordant details in the film - the usual red herrings Lynch Launches
us to suggest that there may be some subtext in all linear
sensual experience offered by its sumptuous, immersion in the films.

- Scenes from the film Polish

- recreation of the film by Susan - possibly, in your dreams or

-- placement of the Polish actress in a couple seemingly disparate
And without papers (which, in the fact that the creation of "Blue Skies"
And the folklore surrounding his predecessor "47" unite to another
Level interpretive)

-Rabbit performance of individuals within the television with an incoherent script and suggestive
But an absurd laughter track

- and his entire public (key to this interpretation because
Its location in chronological narration and the identity of the

-Nikki 's scenes of opening and closing and Grace Zabriskie's foreshadow
determine the closure of the meta-plot.

- Seems anachronistic The white noise and registration of cut scenes and
Sound tacos, which occur in the crucial transitions between alternative realities
Nikki inhabited by the personalities split.

If any of you find this convincing interpretation, and I would like
Knowing more about it, please feel free to send a note. It is, in my opinion,
Equally value than any other interpretation of art -
probably better left unexpressed and without explanation. But if you have something to linear
It helps you talk, we invite you to continue with it. Not
Interpretation of this error as an opinion. I have no opinion as to
The plot of this movie.

Personally, I am totally in the movie through understanding and / or without
interpretation earlier.

Which way to the palace (Alan Gomez of the Chamber of the series?)
You can choose either through the back or the alley in front of the entrance
The study ( and the interpretation of the above deals) - I understand - like myself
always "get" Lynch more than most managers. For

fellow fans Lynch: IMO This is a film more coherent
Eraserhead, a more optimistic and fun film Lost Highway, a less commercial films
Mulholland Drive ( but they have some thematic
Similarities largely to the fact that both films is manifested
Self-referential interpretation of the American media culture). You may
Talking about it during hours later, but most of this debate
only help to know the people they assisted with better. Let it pour
Through its mind and soul.

Not profitable compared to Lynch is more linear movies can be made,
Although, in a second viewing IE I could spend some time
Thinking of the relationship between the exploitation of
Elephant Man and themes of this movie.

Of course, the direction, camera work, and especially the sound design
are impeccable. Needless to say.
Inland Empire I saw at the Venice Film Festival world premiere last
Month. I want to keep this review short due to the fact that in writing
Great detail about this movie is useless. Inland Empire is a
Experience. An experience not to be written, but is about FELT.
David Lynch is the definitive work. It's everything you always wanted
Put in a movie and it's absolutely free to anyone judgments
Influence. The film is suffocating, dark and endless but paradoxically
contains some of the funniest scenes of the director and lighter. I was
Scared, uncomfortable, overwhelmed and shocked. My emotions were thrown into disorder
on several occasions during which I lost all sense of proper
reaction. Do not expect the mystery of this film to be resolved, but
We hope it is finished. Do not expect his head to understand the
resolution, but we hope that your heart and your intuition will.

If you can not decide whether or not to see this movie, I implore you
Get up and go. Whether or not you enjoy it, you will never see a film
As this again. Also ask to see IN THE CINEMA.
Not Wait to see it on DVD because the experience is not half

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