The Last Samurai

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(action, adventure, drama, war)
Download Movie The Last SamuraiIn the 1870s, Captain Nathan Algren, a cynical veteran of the American Civil war who will work for anyone, is hired by Americans who want lucrative contracts with the Emperor of Japan to train the peasant conscripts for the first standing imperial army in modern warfare using firearms. The imperial Omura cabinet's first priority is to repress a rebellion of traditionalist Samurai -hereditary warriors- who remain devoted to the sacred dynasty but reject the Westernizing policy and even refuse firearms. Yet when his ill-prepared superior force sets out too soon, their panic allows the sword-wielding samurai to crush them. Badly wounded Algren's courageous stand makes the samurai leader Katsumoto spare his life; once nursed to health he learns to know and respect the old Japanese way, and participates as advisor in Katsumoto's failed attempt to save the Bushido tradition, but Omura gets repressive laws enacted- he must now choose to honor his loyalty to one of the embittered sides when the conflict returns to the battlefield...


Shin Koyamada as
Ken Watanabe as Katsumoto
Tom Cruise as Nathan Algren
William Atherton as Winchester Rep
Chad Lindberg as Winchester Rep Assistant
Ray Godshall Sr. as Convention Hall Attendee
Billy Connolly as Zebulon Gant
Tony Goldwyn as Colonel Bagley
Masato Harada as Omura
Masashi Odate as Omura's Companion
John Koyama as Omura's Bodyguard
Timothy Spall as Simon Graham
Shichinosuke Nakamura as Emperor Meiji
Togo Igawa as General Hasegawa
Satoshi Nikaido as N.C.O.
Shintaro Wada as Young Recruit
Edward Zwick

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