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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie WonderlandJohn Holmes was a legend of the porn industry and revered in circles as a stud. But years after his successful career and star fading, Holmes was a desperate man with his own internal demons to live up to. He's estranged from his wife, holding onto a relationship with his teenage mistress, and living as a junkie in search of his next fix. But one fateful night left four people dead and John as a key suspect in one of the most grisly murders in Los Angeles. Was he partly responsible for what happened at Wonderland Avenue?


Val Kilmer as John Holmes
Kate Bosworth as Dawn Schiller
Josh Lucas as Ron Launius
Lisa Kudrow as Sharon Holmes
Tim Blake Nelson as Billy Deverell
Dylan McDermott as David Lind
Christina Applegate as Susan Launius
Eric Bogosian as Eddie Nash
Carrie Fisher as Sally Hansen
Franky G as Louis
M.C. Gainey as Billy Ward
Janeane Garofalo as Joy Miller
Ted Levine as Sam Nico
Faizon Love as Greg Diles
Natasha Gregson Wagner as Barbara Richardson
James Cox

Val Kilmer ... Love or resist, sometimes he gets under the skin of a character
and takes a position that makes you go 'Hey! This guy is an actor
GREAT! "He did in leather pants Jim in The Doors and he's done
again in the skin of John underpants.

Turning around the decline and fall of product porn king John Holmes, Kilmer
Strutts to their knees as unravel one of the greatest murder mysteries of
Hollywood has never settled for over twenty years, with the key Holmes
Suspicious of a brutal slaughter style Manson.

Kilmer What makes no effort is under exhude the life of the celebrity,
do anything to anyone who exceeds forward anyone who had
and then lost. Go see it, you know what I mean.

Download Wonderland
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