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Download Movie Auto FocusCapitalizing on his fame as the star of "Hogan's Heroes," Bob Crane (Greg Kinnear) dove into the freewheeling spirit of the 60s and 70s with relish, having affairs with numerous women. Eventually, Crane teamed up with video technician John Carpenter to document his exploits, an association that may very well have led to his murder in a Scottsdale, Arizona motel room in 1978, which remains officially unsolved to this day.


Greg Kinnear as Bob Crane
Willem Dafoe as John Carpenter
Rita Wilson as Anne Crane
Maria Bello as Patricia Olson/Patrica Crane/Sigrid Valdis
Ron Leibman as Lenny
Bruce Solomon as Edward H. Feldman
Michael E. Rodgers as Richard Dawson
Kurt Fuller as Werner Klemperer
Christopher Neiman as Robert Clary
Lyle Kanouse as John Banner
Donnamarie Recco as Melissa/Mistress Victoria
Ed Begley Jr. as Mel Rosen
Michael McKean as Video Executive
Cheryl Lynn Bowers as Cynthia Lynn
Don McManus as Priest
Paul Schrader

Saboteurs in it.

Paul Schrader simultaneously fascinates and repels me. That's because he has
Such clever ideas for films, and then at that time pedestrian
Fashion is the inspiration, but all drove away.

And their ideas are so very clever as well as being intelligent
Cinematic. Here is the concept behind it:

America is a nation synthetic and has depended largely on the film set
Yes since World War II. The trunk of the tree is the image of war,
particular, the nature of the American soldiers, and - even more pointed -
situations that put in context with those of other nations. This includes unconditional
trunk such as the Americans in the `Great Escape 'and` Kwai, "
Where were mostly independent and more daring than others.
Antiauthoritarian interested in girls. "More universal morality, but

Whenever there is a strain of defining archetypes of the films, there is a
Fighting strain subvert or exploit the archetype. So we had TeeVee
Shows like `Never Get Rich '(55), where Sergeant Bilko took all
Positive and made fun of them. `Hogan's Heros' was an extension
Summary more aware and internationally.

But there is a subversion of THAT: the revelation that Crane
Desmesuradamente overtly promiscuous, even by the standards of Hollywood. This is news
Because they had already moved to the faith. "By that I mean that the point
Prior was in the definition of what the Americans were directly representation. With these shows
TeeVee (hugely popular), there was a change: the American was
Defined as this being sophisticated enough free and conscious
trust that could be fun of the "same old ' . In other words,
Definition moved to the protagonist, who embodies charm and humor clean. Crane
And other jobs twofold: personalities were as much as characters, and
personalities helped us in making up to us.

Subversion, therefore, this character was charming
Directly facing us in the eye and say that not only opportunistic sex is good,
But a key component of charm America. Suddenly, the accumulation of film
Double entendres - all that - as Cary Grant seductions - made this fazer Sense. This material is what contributed to the crisis of the late sixties,
Invention of a counterculture led by the media of folding, and part sex drugs
the trinity.

All very well. Schrader knows the history Crane is not a simple wire
`Boy success and excess destroys it." These stories are tired,
And in this case simply is not true anyway. Schrader becomes this in a review
Review, a film on the film, a look at peeking. The devil
Something in this fictional version of the story is not someone with sex or
Drugs, but with video technology. Seduction here is not sex - Crane
was already well on the radio that on the day - but the act of shooting. The
Act charming village that was filmed and sitting around a TeeVee
Transfixiada in masturbation.

Schrader is always better with such complexities. A film about film
In the movie, especially corrupting the film and make their point by
Mismo, self-corrupting mechanism. It is that the name comes from. Long
Friend DaFoe understands this. The strategy is obvious that the crane
was completely unaware of the nature of any of these mechanics, a real gamble. So
Now, a work of genius. But then, it behind the camera. His real
Execution is so concerned about doing things `work 'loses sight of what
him. What in the end is mechanically competent, but not life,
Genius is bleached away.

Ted's Evaluation - 2 of 4: Have some interesting elements.
As anyone who is reading this knows, this was television history
Bob Crane, star of "Hogan's Heroes," a show popular in the 1960's. The story
Crane, which makes it a subject of a great film
His life, were two things: 1 - the good-guy TV hero was
behind the scenes, a huge sex addict; 2 - was killed, nobody
sentenced for the crime. To this day, is still unresolved. The film tracks

strongly that the murderer was Bob Carpenter, played by Willem Dafoe
here. Carpenter was a close friend of the crane.
Greg Kinnear does a credible job of portraying the star of television.

However, the part on the facade of the murder is tried only in the final minutes of the film
! That was very disappointing and I was waiting
Finding something or at least be given more information. Only
Viraron this type at the end of the film.

Most of the movie was about the crane and carpenter with breakaways
Women ..... Lots of women, beautiful women and big torso, you see
abundance in this film. Dafoe is the sleazy friend who introduces Crane
early age VCR. That led to a lot of
-Sex in the movies and really whetted the Crane large sexual appetite.

In any case, for people who saw "Hogan's Heroes", and there were plenty,
This is a biography of him, and perhaps, but not necessarily know anything about her
Death, which killed him.

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