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Download Movie Antwone FisherA sailor (Derek Luke) prone to violent outbursts is sent to a naval psychiatrist (Washington) for help. Refusing at first to open up, the young man eventually breaks down and reveals a horrific childhood. Through the guidance of his doctor, he confronts his painful past and begins a quest to find the family he never knew.


Derek Luke as Antwone Quenton 'Fish' Fisher
Malcolm David Kelley as Antwone Fisher Age 7
Cory Hodges as Antwone Fisher Age 14
Denzel Washington as Dr. Jerome Davenport
Joy Bryant as Cheryl Smolley
Salli Richardson as Berta Davenport
Leonard Earl Howze as Pork Chop
Kente Scott as Kansas City
Kevin Connolly as Slim
Rainoldo Gooding as Grayson
Novella Nelson as Mrs. Tate
Stephen Snedden as Berkley
Leo Nepomuceno as SP #1
Sung Kang as Receptionist
Cordell Stokes as Keith Age 5
Denzel Washington

An adaptation of the book 'The search for fish. " This story is about a troubled young sailor
Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke), which tells the story of painful
His past a psychiatrist Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington). A
brilliant debut performance by Derek Luke and
always impressive performance by Denzel Washington.

This film was so incredible at many levels and I am disappointed
not win an Oscar, I think it was because it was released at a bad time
is why we overlooked. I strongly recommend this film to
All you touched by his story and makes the
Hearing become empathy with this young man who is Antwone Fisher.

If you like the real source of inspiration stories, and then watch them Antwone Fisher. Thanks

Based on a true story, and with a script written by the real Antwone Fisher
(who never before had written a screenplay), this film is also
Denzel Washington, the first exit as director, Derek Luke and the first
Role as Antwone. All these firsts made this a movie you wanted to see
curiosity more than anything else, and at the end I was slightly
Impressed with her, although the film is definitely not without its

In particular, the first hour or so of the film is very slow pace. In
Times, is the temptation to turn away, but there was not enough interest that
keeps bothering me to stay with him. In the end, this became a
enough as interesting journey of self-discovery, as they delve deeper and deeper into
Antwone past to try to discover what childhood demons have caused him Growing up in
a young man angry. As slow as I thought that the movie
Ironically, I also felt that moved too quickly through some things.
Antwone anger seems determined largely by a handful of sessions with
Commander Davenport, the Navy psychiatrist (played by Washington) and
really only see a couple of flashes of anger - just enough, I believe in
you been sent to the psychiatrist in the first place. (I know that the
represented Struggle was probably part of a series. In real life, it is reasonable to
Mandarlo Davenport, but in the strict context of the movie that looked like a
little extreme.) Antwone the relationship with Cheryl (Joy Bryant) also seemed
develop very quickly. He takes his time, suddenly, it is their
Bride and he is in love, then they are sharing a hotel room. (For a guy
has no experience with it is a romance naturally!)

But despite these contradictions and the slow pace of the first hour or
Thus, the film gathers very well in the second half as Antwone starts
Discover who is and where it comes from. The second half is quite
Interesting. Although not overcome some of the flaws I mentioned
Previous becomes, however, which had been looking for some time as a
Mediocre at a fairly decent movie.

6 / 10

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