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Download Movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAfter a frightening escape from death at the hands of Chinese gangster Lao Che in Shanghai, Indiana Jones & 2 companions, Short Round (Quan) and Willie Scott (Capshaw) board a freight plane to escape. Over the Himalayas, the pilots dump the fuel, and Indy discovers they are in serious trouble when the plane's engines start to stall. Parachuting out of the plane in a life raft, they survive a 300-foot fall into a raging mountain river and its rapids. They are now in India, and as their raft heads down river they are met by an Indian shaman, who leads them to his village where people are starving, crops are blighted, and there is not a single child! Indy's mastery of their language helps him learn that a sacred stone was taken by some strange men, which caused all the problems facing the villagers now. Short Round & Indy figure out that the missing stone is one of the Sankara stones, which are supposed to have a magical effect on whomever possesses them. The shaman sends them on a mission to Pankot Palace, which once housed the Thuggee cult. After a series of near-death encounters, Indy & the others discover the Temple of Doom, where the human sacrifices to Kali - the Thuggee goddess of death - are carried out, as well as a mine that has enslaved the children of the Shaman's village. Indy must get the stone back and free the children from the Thuggees and their psychopathic high priest, Mola Ram (Puri). What follows are several spectacular fights, a frightening chase through a mine shaft in tiny mine cars, and a bridge collapse 100 feet above a river filled with crocodiles! Hang on - and enjoy!


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Kate Capshaw as Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott
Jonathan Ke Quan as Short Round
Amrish Puri as Mola Ram
Roshan Seth as Chattar Lal
Philip Stone as Captain Blumburtt
Roy Chiao as Lao Che
David Yip as Wu Han
Rick Young as Kao Kan
Chua Kahjoo as Chen
Rex Ngui as Maitre d'
Philip Tan as Chief Henchman
Dan Aykroyd as Earl Weber
Dr. Akio Mitamura as Chinese Pilot
Michael Yama as Chinese Co-Pilot


Everybody complains Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. One of my
Friends and I used to argue for months on end in which India Film

Jones was the superior. Hardly anyone ask Temple of Doom is to say that they
Less preferred, and the worst of the trilogy Jones.
I think that the only reason people say that is because it is the medium of cinema, inserted
One moment classic, and a Hollywood blockbuster. To me, that question is NO
Raiders of the Lost Ark is the top
Indiana Jones movie. To anyone who says Last Crusade is the best I can do nothing more
Disagree (let me point out that all three films are little more than
Great). Temple of Doom had much to live up to after the first movie

And instead of trying to re-create Raiders (something I feel Crusade
Lucas and Spielberg decided to take of the franchise in a new direction.

In My Opinion, this was a great idea. Crusade and Raiders are very similar: both

They take place in the desert terrain, both have Indy going after a very
Biblical artifact, and both have in front of the Indy fight against Nazi
This subject of world domination. Without a temple of doom, the last crusade
would be a clear copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark a different style of
Indy movie is needed to expand the trilogy, making a real Indiana Jones
Character world and the Temple of Doom did just that.

The film itself is a non-stop action adventure travel. Harrison Ford is

AMAZING Once again as the pre-teacher finder archaeologist emotion.
Short Round is a lovable character who adds a touch of humor, and highlights the
more compassionate side of the Indy character. The ceremony of the scenes are really

Impressive and tense. During these scenes of the film contains some very graphic images
, but rightly, are used to convey the true dark, feeling
This film (ie, the elimination of man's heart while he is still live
Download him in a pit of fire). The mine cart hunting scenes are the most
Surprising, fast-moving action sequence in any of the Indy movies, and you

As if I were on a roller coaster every time you see it. All these events
Giving rise to film the spectacular and memorable climax.

Be with three films as surprising as the Indiana Jones trilogy, it
choose a best and worst movie, in fact it is almost impossible.
I am going to say that every film is great on its own, and in fact should not be
Compared to the other two.
Set before the events of 'Raiders', Dr. Jones is doing in Shanghai
Business with Chinese crime boss Lau Che. The loss of the top
in a night club that barely escaped with their lives (and baggage in the form of
Willie Scott and sidekick child Short Round) Airport. But little
You know it reaches the plane is owned by Lau Che
Hurtadillas and pilots in the air while they are asleep.

After jumping to safety in a rubber boat Indy, Willie and Short Round
adrift by an indigenous people who have been affected by bad luck
Since theft Shankara their magic stones. Encouraged by the
villagers to go to Pankot Palace and retrieve the stones, Indy
has no idea that what they were trying to find an evil cult hellbent on taking
world crazy with its new religion.

Temple of Doom is, without a doubt, the best
Indiana Jones movie. I know that a lot of nerds are going to disagree with me, but I think I
superior to the Raiders because I prefer the Lost Ark
More dark, nastier tone and the fact that it simply does not allow face
the word 'go'! Two hours of Temple of Doom uptime pass in a breeze
pure adventure as Spielberg brings us a memorable piece
another. The opening musical number, the fight at the Club Obi-Wan,
Persecution through Shanghai, the plane crash / dingy ride, the trip to
Pankot Palace, the scene of the dinner, the human sacrifice, the liberation of slaves
, mine cart ride, water rushed, the rope bridge,
Cliff-hanging ... Wow! How much more can you pack into a movie? It
Physically impossible! Originally criticized

is on the release as being too dark, Temple of Doom
still ends up being a classic. I suppose that the public in 1984 was
Expects Game 2 Lost Ark, and were surprised when
Something more. If you see with others, how can feel
Different from the film is, without scenes that take place in America, not
University and not Sallah or Marcus Brody.

John Williams' brilliant also in the music is the best. Even received
An Oscar nomination despite already being nominated by his
the work of Raiders Lost Ark, which is quite rare. The film did win
An Oscar for his visual effects (to beat the effects equally impressive
Ghostbusters), which, given today, at least, may seem a bit
Shortly date, but are still quite well.

Or course, there is nothing really important in the movie. I mean
not beat Schindler's List or Munich in terms of drama, but if you want
And the rapid rise of escapism, the thrill-a-minute your name is the adventure of Indiana Jones
, and the place is the Temple of Doom.

Download Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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