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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Punch-Drunk LoveBarry Egan (Adam Sandler) is a small business owner with seven sisters whose abuse has kept him alone and unable to fall in love. When a harmonium and a mysterious woman (Emily Watson) enter his life, his romantic journey begins.


Adam Sandler as Barry Egan
Emily Watson as Lena Leonard
Emily Watson as Lena Leonard
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dean Trumbell
Luis Guzm??n as Lance
Jason Andrews as Operator Carter
Don McManus as Plastic
David Schrempf as Customer #1
Seann Conway as Customer #2
Rico Bueno as Rico
Hazel Mailloux as Rhonda
Karen Kilgariff as Anna
Julie Hermelin as Kathleen
Salvador Curiel as Sal
Jorge Barahona as Jorge
Ernesto Quintero as Ernesto
Paul Thomas Anderson

We Punch Drunk Love at the Gothenburg Film Festival, and today I
Totally overwhelmed by him. I had really hoped, because I love Paul Thomas Anderson
previous films. Magnolia is still among the top five of my favorite
Movies ever, and therefore, my expectations were too high.

We must admit that I was sceptical of Adam Sandler playing a major part. But he
ago fantastic interpretation of his character Barry Egan, a small
Empujado by its owner at around seven (!) Sisters that life takes a miserable
Her time when it meets love in the character of Emily Watson. Watson makes a
Bello portrait of the mysterious and solitary Lena, who falls


The film is not only served well, it is also wonderful to watch. The
Camerawork Anderson is exquisite and really shows his visual talent.
Everything within an hour and a half film could be frozen and displayed
artwork. But the most impressive thing of the film is still
Adam Sandler. Each word, expression and nuance is perfect and true. If this
not deserve an Oscar nomination now I do not know. Its performance is superior to
the last five winners.

Punch Drunk Love is the way a film should be. It's the way you want all
They were like the movies and would like to hang on my wall. The poster

have done.
Being a big fan of P.T. Anderson's work since I saw `Boogie Nights' (about 3
times in a week at the theater) years ago, I looked forward eagerly
release his latest film. Then I heard star Adam Sandler, which is one of my favorite
Less actors of all time, but even then I figured that if someone is going to
I do not want to start throwing things at image of Sandler
would be Anderson. After all, he got me respect for Tom Cruise after seeing
`Magnolia '. When I finally got to see the movie last weekend (after
want to see the film for about a year) I am not disappointed and I thought
my confidence is not misplaced. Sandler and Anderson had made him
A sad sack who is so screwed up that it would be a psychologically analyst
Dream. Emily Watson is his perfect counterpart as a class still extremely
Extravagantes love interest.

The content is pure P.T. Anderson. There are issues
are totally strange and unexplained, and there are issues that are
Sacados of real life stories and incidents. Stylistically, it is a slight
Output in the sense that it is not as flashy or `spot 'as his last two movies,
But the bright primary colors prevailing in the film are absolutely beautiful
. And instead of the 70's and 80's constant soundtrack
he usually uses, which kept it simple this time, and only as inspiration
With the continuing operation of the `He needs me & # 39; of `Popeye 'soundtrack.
Touch is not only timely but also simply brilliant.

I love the work of P.T. Anderson, and was absolutely delighted and endeared
This film. Like `Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 'is not going to make
I see a Jim Carrey comedy, I am still going to avoid Adam Sandler Comedy
as plague, but I must say that respect for In his work
this movie. This is the kind of film that I like romance, and I recommend
anyone who does not comply with the type of romantic comedy / dramas that
Churned now by Hollywood.

- Shelly

Download Punch-Drunk Love
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