The Hunt for Red October

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(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie The Hunt for Red OctoberRed October is a new Soviet Submarine. When the Americans are given photographs of it, they are extremely curious as to why is it so special. Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst, consults with a friend, who deduces that it's equipped with a new engine that can make it run virtually silent and with such a device, they can position themselves on the outskirts of any coastal city and launch their missles and not give their target any warning. Marko Ramius the sub's captain kills their political officer after they open their orders which basically has them conducting routine maneuvers but he kills him and burns their orders and replaces it. He then tells the crew that they are going to test their new engine by positioning themselves by New York and run missile drills. Ryan is then called by his boss to attend a briefing that concerns Red October. It is at this briefing that they discover that Ramius sent a letter to high ranking Soviet official, who after reading the letter went to meet with the Soviet Premier and it was shortly after that meeting that the Soviet navy was deployed to find Red October and sink it. Everyone assumes that Ramius has turned rogue but Ryan who once did research on Ramius assumes that he might be trying to defect. While everyone dismisses him, the National Security Adviser tells Ryan to go out there and find out for sure if he is right cause once Ramius is in position to fire his missiles they have take him out. Ryan reluctantly goes and is not use to fieldwork, is having a hard time coping with the sea. At the same time someone in the Red October crew knows that Ramius has deviated from his assignment and is doing what he can to stop him.


Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius
Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan
Scott Glenn as Commander Bart Mancuso
Sam Neill as Captain 2nd Rank Vasily Borodin
James Earl Jones as Admiral James Greer
Joss Ackland as Ambassador Andrei Lysenko
Richard Jordan as Dr. Jeffrey Pelt
Peter Firth as Political Officer Ivan Yurevich Putin - Red October
Tim Curry as Dr. Petrov
Courtney B. Vance as Sonarman 2nd Class Ronald Jones
Stellan Skarsg??rd as Captain Tupolev
Jeffrey Jones as Oliver Wendell 'Skip' Tyler
Timothy Carhart as Bill Steiner
Larry Ferguson as Chief of the Boat Watson - USS Dallas
Fred Dalton Thompson as Rear Admiral Joshua Painter - USS Enterprise
John McTiernan

It is almost 10 years old, but I am still awed by the caliber of the film.
McTiernan has done a good book moderately by Clancy on a slope
political thriller.

The complexity of the film is a big problem. Clancy plots are
Starting with notorious for several threads that weave
Somewhere in the book. Screenwriter Larry Ferguson also took the
Threads and models of a film based on the dual protagonists, Connery in Baldwin.
The large number of support staff (including the current Senator Fred Thompson TN)
appear on the screen, then, but everyone is nonetheless crucial
Functions to the plot.

Baldwin, in what is likely to be better role and his career never shines
As intelligent and patriotic Jack Ryan, a man thinking of the hero. Connery
Provides incredible presence, as usual, his interpretation of

Pure masterpiece.
What has been argued that "any viewer know nothing of ships, cold
War or the Russian language" will be disappointed by this movie. Well,
That is rather like saying that anyone who knows anything about the
fine details of the animated cartoon or biology rodents are
Disappointed 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit. "Red October", an emaciated
version of a thick novel by Clancy, is a tight, sweaty support of a thriller
sterling cast, I mean, with the exception perhaps of & # 39; Beetlejuice 'What else can see
was inadvertently Alec Baldwin slap your cup fat? McTiernan
cuts flab All of the basis for a novel lean little film, and
Who in their right mind could possibly reprimand for his Connery accent? The
Del man played a British spy, an Irish cop, an Eygptian
immortal and a Russian submarine captain in the same brogue-who cares? He still portrays the
paper with all the nobility and world-weariness part

Download Hunt for Red October, The
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