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(action, drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Dawn of the DeadOn a day like any other in the middle of the summer a nurse named Ana just wants to spend some time with her husband,Luis.But something goes horribly wrong when Luis is bitten and Ana has to run to keep from dying.She wrecks her car and is saved by a cop named Kenneth.They run into a small group of survivors consisting of Michael a TV salesmen,Andre a common thug,and Luda who happens to be Andre's pregnant wife.But what happens when the dead find the mall and have a craving for possibly the only living people left in the world?All Hell breaks loose.A small group of survivors manages to get into the Mall with the others but some are bitten which starts a controversy.Should they be killed or not?And thats just the beginning.You cant forget about the gun salesman,Andy living across the street.But what really gets the most attention is how to get Andy food.Then Nicole takes off for her dog and is cornered by bitten Andy.So the gang sneaks over and stocks up on ammo before killing Andy and saving Nicole.Now the gang runs back to the Mall and leaves in two buses that they heavily armored.The movie ends as they kick off in a boat.The death toll for the group is amazing.Norma,Monica,Michael,CJ,Andy and many others.Will they survive or die?Maybe a sequel will tell.


Sarah Polley as Ana
Ving Rhames as Kenneth
Jake Weber as Michael
Mekhi Phifer as Andre
Ty Burrell as Steve
Michael Kelly as CJ
Kevin Zegers as Terry
Michael Barry as Bart
Lindy Booth as Nicole
Jayne Eastwood as Norma
Boyd Banks as Tucker
Inna Korobkina as Luda
R.D. Reid as Glen
Kim Poirier as Monica
Matt Frewer as Frank
Zack Snyder

I reviewed this movie in March 2004, and said: "Wow! I have just come
House of dotd seeing-2004 and can not wait to add it to my collection. "
Well, I just add - Unrated Director's Cut in
widescreen edition. After seeing this weekend, I had to add a footnote
About this version of the film.


Reviews sometimes, respondents have mentioned the lack
In developing the character of the film. The UDC this version restores
Type of content, and is a way for the UDC version
improvement in the cinemas. I see better character development in this version
dotd-2004 in the then (1978) the original version of Dawn.

Another version improves the UDC really does is restore some
Excellent Gore shots. If you are in this thing, of course. And if
You are not - and of course that is in it - which is why we are checking
This film!
I have gone to thousands of movies in my own life and hundreds of videos and DVD
, so I am a fan, but not a real film critic. This is my first
Review online.

My wife and I saw the original Dawn of the Dead 25 years ago in a midnight
Show left and wired enough to talk among themselves until morning.
Perhaps a quarter of a century we have been accustomed to violence from a little

We only saw him again (video rental) last week, before yesterday
the local multiplex to see the remake / "reimagining", and were mostly
Unperturbed by the return.

For some reason, I was caught up in the months since the new Dawn claim
And then the trailer. The song in the former Sparklehorse

Encajan perfectly and the suburban shooting followed by Vivian murderer and closure
Burns with the projector film of the last was intriguing in its own
So I finish seeing the movie, usually a recipe for disaster since
Preview expectations are seldom fulfilled by the finished product.
This time, however, they were.

The cast was uniformly credible and more importantly, empathizable (
Less with the good guys who got resolved along the way). Even the Playboy
masturbate had several lines relevant. Polley is a good, strong female
Lead (with another great rebuttal - "No, I am a nurse *" to a question about
His medical skills) and Rhames a cheerable, if reluctant, hero. The
Camaradería as it was, worked, and gave me first visceral survival
More often self-sacrifice.

So, what is not like? The basic premise is that a classic
Not wash. These are two different films with the same name and
Local, but very different attitudes. (Best special effects not
Or, despite this new version is oddly less disturbing sans zombies
Munching on the dismembered body parts.) Speedy zombies (with the exception of
"Twitchers")? No problem; hey, who are hungry and, as always, persistent.
My attention was held for the better part of two hours, the story was
Interestingly, the mixed results; characters emerged from the task
Party, increasingly coolly rational division between life and Death and
Zombiedom; weirdly appropriate music, the black humour welcome respite.
No, Dawn of the Dead is not Citizen Kane nor is a sacrilegious assault

genre of horror. It is the solid and entertaining film
invites reflection. Otherwise, I suspect Romero would never have put his
Imprimátur in the remake.

Download Dawn of the Dead
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