Eight Below

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(adventure, drama, family)
Download Movie Eight BelowIn the Antarctic, after an expedition with Dr. Davis McClaren (Bruce Greenwood), the sled dog trainer Jerry Shepherd (Paul Walker) has to leave the polar base with his colleagues due to the proximity of a heavy snow storm. He ties his dogs to be rescued after, but the mission is called-off and the dogs are left alone at their own fortune. For six months, Jerry tries to find a sponsor for a rescue mission while his dogs fight for survival.


Paul Walker as Jerry Shepard
Bruce Greenwood as Davis McClaren
Moon Bloodgood as Katie
Jason Biggs as Charlie Cooper
Gerard Plunkett as Dr. Andy Harrison
August Schellenberg as Mindo
Wendy Crewson as Eve McClaren
Belinda Metz as Rosemary
Connor Christopher Levins as Eric McClaren
Duncan Fraser as Captain Lovett
Dan Ziskie as Navy Commander
Michael David Simms as Armin Butler
Daniel Bacon as Bureaucrat #2
Laara Sadiq as Bureaucrat #3
Malcolm Stewart as Charles Buffett
Frank Marshall

We this movie last night and I must say that this is a tremendous film. I
not believe that the leopard seal scene bother
All young children. My 5 and 7-year-old loved the film and there are MUCH worse
content in children's television programming every day. By all means take the
And enjoy the children. (And bring Kleenex!) Although Paul Walker acting
It is not the biggest, Ben Affleck has obtained somehow, it has not?
Addition to the real stars of this film are, of course, dogs. The dogs
issue seems to be portrayed as huskys, but it is clear that in some
Fewer of them are really Alaskan Malamutes. Maya, which is the
More heroic group, and almost certainly a Malamute, you must obtain
A kind of canine Oscar for a heartbreaking performance.
If you are a lover of dogs, or if you just long for a great adventure film, by all means go see
"Eight Below."

Download Eight Below
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