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Download Movie Red DragonFBI Agent Will Graham has been called out of early retirement to catch a serial killer, known by authorities as "The Tooth Fairy". He asks for the help of his arch-nemesis, Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter, so that he can be able to catch "The Tooth Fairy" and bring him to justice. The only problem is that "The Tooth Fairy" is getting inside information about Graham and his family from none other than Dr. Lecter.


Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Edward Norton as Will Graham
Ralph Fiennes as Francis Dolarhyde
Harvey Keitel as Jack Crawford
Emily Watson as Reba McClane
Mary-Louise Parker as Molly Graham
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Freddy Lounds
Anthony Heald as Dr. Frederick Chilton
Ken Leung as Lloyd Bowman
Frankie Faison as Barney Matthews
Tyler Patrick Jones as Josh Graham
Lalo Schifrin as Conductor
Tim Wheater as Flautist
John Rubinstein as Dinner Guest
David Doty as Dinner Guest
Brett Ratner

Only having seen "Manhunter" once, years ago and
not recall much about this, I am not going to try to compare the movie
remake, "Red Dragon". I also never read any of the
Thomas Harris novels that are based on, so I am not going to compare them
Any of the books. But I will compare with the other, more recent
Movies of the Hannibal Lecter series, "The silence of the lambs" and

I think most would agree that, "Silence ..." is a classic. It is one of
These movies where everything came together beautifully. The
Director, actors, history, etc., is a serial murderer, suspense
Movies like "The Godfather" films is for the Mafia. I am the only other
The film is kind have even come close after "The Silence of the Lambs
" 'release was "Se7en," with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt .
Therefore it is with great disappointment that I left the theatre after
See the long-awaited sequel to "SOTL", "Hannibal". Jodie Foster
not return to play the role of Clarice Starling, Jonathon Demme
not direct, and worst of all, Sir Anthony Hopkins'
Portrait of Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter was almost
Cartoonish. Besides, the movie is simply "ugly". Dirty
nastier and believed what his predecessor. More concerned with gore and blood
Saying that a good story.

Well, I am glad to report that "Red Dragon" has taken the series back
On the right track. On this occasion, Hopkins plays Hannibal, rather than
First I remember seeing him in "SOTL. Subtlety and more meaningful and less
Slyness of the scenery chewing and more action to be
"Hannibal". Edward Norton is fine as an agent of the FBI, Will
Graham, which makes Lecter behind bars, and then leaves
Retirement to help solve the case of "The Tooth Fairy."
Ralph Fiennes gives a very creepy and effective performance as Francis Dolarhyde
, how good is my humble opinion, which I hope to get him
Nominated for an Oscar for best actor next year. It helps that her character is more developed
, pardon the pun, more than Ted Levine
Mass Murderer "SOTL.

The director, Brett Ratner, has done a good job of ending
(Hopefully), the series on a high note. I say hopefully, because as much as I enjoyed
"SOTL" and now, "Red Dragon", a journey more
In this well, probably produce nothing but mud.

The only thing that is on the path to greater praise for my part, it
this is a sequel, prequel er, a well loved and admired film.
We have seen some of these characters and situations than before. The
Meetings between Graham and Lecter are good, but not
Enthrall me the way they did between Starling and Lecter.
Ultimately, a good job by everybody. It may not be as innovative as the original
"SOTL", but has helped wash
Outside the "bad taste", sorry, left behind "Hannibal".
On paper, seemed a little uncertain. The long-awaited prequel to 'The
Silence of the Lambs' and' Hannibal 'was to be directed by Brett Ratner
, known mainly by the two' Rush Hour 'movies (1998, 2001).

However, the end result is pleasantly surprising. 'Red Dragon' opens with a prologue
wonderfully suspenseful detailing the infamous Dr.
of Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), capture, and the unbearable tension
rarely allows up to the rest of the film.

Capturer of Lecter, Will Graham (Edward Norton), is
coaxed out of retirement by Jack Crawford (Harvey Keitel) to help track
Despiadado serial murderer dubbed the Tooth Fairy (Ralph Fiennes), which is apparently random
Murdering of families in their sleep. Graham believes
Lecter who may hold the key to the capture of this murderer, and in order to prevent further killings
should be checked their old demons.

The acting performances are first rate. Hopkins is a good thing (as always)
The cold, calculating murderer Lecter series. Norton manages a demanding role
extremely good. Throughout his career, he has excelled at Fiennes
Retratar heinous villains (1993), and here he becomes such After his greatest performance. The
-Facially disfigured, mentally unstable-Francis Dolarhyde not shown
be a killing machine evil in itself but a troubled emotionally -
Young that still fighting the demons of an abusive overwhelming

Strong supporting performances by Emily Watson ( 'Proposition'
2005), Harvey Keitel ( 'Pulp Fiction', 1994) and Philip
Seymour Hoffman (2005) complete a superb thriller, and one for which
Wide recognition long ago.

Download Red Dragon
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