For the Moment

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(drama, romance, war)
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Russell Crowe as Lachlan
Christianne Hirt as Lill
Wanda Cannon as Betsy
Scott Kraft as Zeek
Peter Outerbridge as Johnny
Sara McMillan as Kate
Bruce Boa as Mr. Anderson
Tyler Woods as Charlie
John Bekavac as Dipper
Robert G. Slade as Scotty
Kelly Proctor as Dennis
Roxanne Boulianne as Anne
David Warburton as Commander Levin
Ari Cohen as Cecil
Katelynd Johnston

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See also: Russell Crowe in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

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1. Blossom Toes - If Only for a Moment
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3. Ambient - Various Artists - Andrew Lahiff - Ampcast - Waiting For The Moment
4. Aqualung - Aqualung - Just For A Moment
5. Avernus - Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie - For Every Waking Moment
6. Barbara Streisand - Just For The Record (Disk 3) The 70's - Can You Tell The Moment
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