Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna

Download Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna
(drama, mystery)
Download Movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna Story of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia Romanov, the only surviving daughter of the Czar and Czarina of Russia.


Amy Irving as Anna Anderson
Olivia de Havilland as Dowager Empress Maria
Jan Niklas as Prince Erich
Nicolas Surovy as Serge Markov
Susan Lucci as Darya Romanoff
Elke Sommer as Isabel Von Hohenstauffen
Edward Fox as Dr. Hauser
Claire Bloom as Czarina Alexandra
Omar Sharif as Czar Nicholas II
Rex Harrison as Grand Duke Cyril Romanov
Jennifer Dundas as Anastasia
Christian Bale as Alexei
Andrea Bretterbauer as Sonya Markov
Sydney Bromley as Herbert
Arnold Diamond as Dr. Markov
Marvin J. Chomsky

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna was a part of two stars modest historical
TV movie based on the book by Peter Kurth, Anastasia: The Riddle of Anna Anderson
. It remains fairly historically, are changes in the names, etc. But
sticks to the true story pretty well. Omar Sharif and Claire Bloom
Doing quite well as the kings of Russia, Tsar Nicholas and
Czarina Alexandra. What stuck in my mind was the image too short
Rex Harrison and Olivia De Havilland. Overall it was a pretty
class production with some fine acting. I was very amazed by the
Production values aired on NBC in late 1986. The fine was also
starring actor Niklas German January previously
Star of NBC in other Russian epic "Peter the Great".

I felt that Part 2 jumped on some important details of Anna Anderson
trip to America. It is also important to know that in 1986
Less is known about the history of Anna Anderson. Back then it was still not known whether
its claim to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia was
Genuine. At the end of the decade of 1990 was better known and Anna Anderson is now
The reputation of being a fraud.

Too bad the networks are not doing well on Sunday as a television film
It is likely that this watching TV movie that interests me in the
debate as to whether "Anne" was in fact the daughter of Czar Nicholas
Anastasia. Since see that I made a point of view different
Documentaries and also bought a book. Despite the evidence that has
Been discovered since the film was released, I sometimes still seems
her. Such is the power of Amy Irving's acting in this 2-partnerji
is somewhat liberal with historical facts, but to the Top
packed with drama tear, masturbating and totally convincing Irving

I was not aware either of Irving before this, but I have
Viewed without realizing that "Carrie" (another favorite movie). In
"Anasasia" I was never for a moment that "is just a movie". For me
WAS Anastasia this woman, and when the first part ended with her in the
Rail transport reunion of the members of the royal family, I knew it
come hell or high water, I had to see Part Two. I just wanted to see
How she could prove that she was who she claimed to be, and as the
History progressed I felt an intense hatred of character Rex Harrison
While I admire greatly as an actor.

When I saw the film on the list again in the TV guide,
convinced my mother that we should see it, and then I thanked by fazer Thus it is almost as deep as it had been to see Part 2. Then I bought
video and can fully recommend. "Anastasia" is one of those rare
TV movies that you must see just for the sheer enjoyment of
Displaying the best acting I have seen on television, and
not really matter whether you believe whether or not the legend.

Download Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna
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