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Download Movie SwordfishWhen the DEA shut down its dummy corporation operation codenamed SWORDFISH in 1986, they had generated $400 million which they let sit around; fifteen years of compound interest has swelled it to $9.5 billion. A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell, headed by the duplicitious and suave Gabriel Shear, wants the money to help finance their raise-the-stakes vengeance war against international terrorism, but it's all locked away behind super-encryption. He brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson, who only wants to see his daughter Holly again but can't afford the legal fees, to slice into the government mainframes and get the money.


John Travolta as Gabriel Shear
Hugh Jackman as Stanley Jobson
Halle Berry as Ginger Knowles
Don Cheadle as Agent J.T. Roberts
Sam Shepard as Senator James Reisman
Vinnie Jones as Marco
Drea de Matteo as Melissa
Rudolf Martin as Axel Torvalds
Zach Grenier as Assistant Director Bill Joy
Camryn Grimes as Holly Jobson
Angelo Pagan as Torres
Chic Daniel as SWAT Leader
Kirk B.R. Woller as Axel's Lawyer
Carmen Argenziano as Agent
Tim DeKay as Agent
Dominic Sena

Saboteurs on it.

Films transported to a different world, so that the beginning of the film,
initiation into that world, is the key.

screenwriters these days seem to spend much more attention at the beginning of
endings, and this movie has a fantastic start. In fact, I was so impressed by
the principle that I will recommend this film other sad.

It is indeed bleak: Travolta can not convince that is as bright as he
plays. The girl is very pretty, but not absolutely convincing
by deception and intelligence. The plot is not play fair, and that is a duty
with these types of turns. I can not understand the plan hostage: if you can fazer that, why blow in that capacity mere access to a bank

otherwise, here we have a common place selfreferential device
actors playing actors.

Back at the beginning. That principle has two parts: the nature of Travolta
us about "Dog Day Afternoon" and how it is realistic. This film is characterized
precisely because it established a new style of
self-knowledge, a specific type of theatrical reality. A very smart
segment - in what is said, how it is delivered and how the camera acts. (We
eased in this video spraying across the titles.) "Vertical Limit
'was another disappointing film with a slam-bang

The second part of the opening segue for all Dog Day, except
attitude here is much more ruthless. One hostage was killed in a spectacular fashion
. And that is very cinematic fashion, with all kinds of post-matrix
still small pots and monitored. The issue is clear: we are here
creating a new way to describe here Lumet / Pacino

A very clever idea. The drawings are intended to be a kind of machine gun
"usual suspects" Indeed, when we learned everything that is undone. The problem is that
knowledge of everyone involved - actor, writer, director -
are not strong enough for what we want, emotion
stay warm.

Hugh Jackman could have been the key, leaving only Travolta make your
"Broken Arrow" but with a little cigar instead of a cigarette. And Jackman has
face, midway between Ed Norton and Mel Gibson. He is at
Ms Berry, however, and that is what merely mugging.

Lastly, I did some hacking in my time (not cracking as shown here),
and I can say that there is nothing in this movie, except perhaps keyboards, < br> resembles either the appearance or the real mystery of the company. It
much cooler and spookier it is imagined by those guys, just hard as hell to
show on a screen so I had to work.
Swordfish (2001) Rating: 7 / 10

hell, I liked this movie. It has been a while since I've seen a nice, mature
action film. With a lot of PG-13 action movies of recent years,
is refreshing to see that at least recognizes that many
intense situations involving language, sex, and mixed reactions -
is not just another black and white, good and bad movie where the good guy
Not only good things and bad boy has only evil intentions. The good boy
not always do the right thing, the bad and can not be accused of
sinister motives.

I loved the three leads in this movie. Hugh Jackman is officially a star
with this movie. Hugh has proven himself once before in X-Men as a worthy
actor, and does so again in this movie. The strip is basically that
that in this film from the very beginning and you will really feel for the poor boy.
John Travolta obviously has a blast with a strong "bad boy"
showing, to redeem itself after the poor results of Battlefield Earth
and Halle Berry must have enjoyed this Since it is a starting point of his film roles
standard. Not to mention, she is sexier than ever.

There really is not so much action as expected in this movie, but
opening and closing scenes in the film are some of the best action scenes that
I have seen and you really hitch in the film at the beginning
and leaves you completely entertaining at the end. It is one of the first uses of
"matrix-style camerawork" I've seen that really adds to the film and
is not just something that "looks cool."

; In general, if you're looking for an "action popcorn" Stir with a bunch of bad guys
, gunplay, rapid camera movements, action sequences
surprisingly fun and a decent story that moves Over a rapid pace,
I recommend you rent this movie.

Download Swordfish
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