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Download Movie Super Size MeWhy are Americans so fat? Two words: fast food. What would happen if you ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock does just that and embarks on the most perilous journey of his life. The rules? For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. Spurlock treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and an equal number of regular folk while chowing down at the Golden Arches. Spurlock's grueling drive-through diet spirals him into a physical and emotional metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac.


Morgan Spurlock as Himself
John Banzhaf as Himself
Kelly Brownell as Himself
Ron English as Himself
Ron English as Himself
Jared Fogle as Himself
Don Gorske as Himself
Samuel Hirsch as Himself
Dr. Daryl Isaacs as Himself
Michael Jordan as Himself
William Kish as Himself
Ronald McDonald as Himself
John Robbins as Himself
David Satcher as Himself
Dr. Stephen Siegel as Himself
Morgan Spurlock

Super Size Me is a great documentary. Enlightening and informative, we discover the fast food industry's conspiracy, which is not about the people they serve, but for the money given to them. That manufacture and process food so that we must have more. "You can not eat just one chip is not only a good marketing - they really put things in the food, even in our flesh, to make it more addictive! The food industry in general is just another selfish money-making machine, is no better than the large companies that outsource their manufacturing to inhumane factories in third world countries. Who exploit the poor to feed their gluttonous appetites and materialistic.

It had a lot of courage to go ahead with this experiment, with the risk of his own body to a greater cause. This film is expected to help change the way the fast food industry thinks and acts, exposure of the conspiracy. If nothing else, Super Size Me inspiration to eat well, exercise and possibly become a vegan. At least you'll be motivated to eat better.

Although the film is a bit slow at times, taking into account the content, is definitely worth seeing. As a result of seeing this film, I do not want to eat fast food anymore! We need more movies and books such as this.

Anyone who cares about what happens in the world should see this movie. I highly recommend it.

Download Super Size Me
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