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Download Movie Churchill: The Hollywood YearsStory of a group of U.S. movie moguls who arrive in the UK to shoot a mvoie about the great English wartime prime minister. On arrival for the first day of the shoot, however, the filmmakers discover the actor playing Churchill to be a robust, unattractive cigar-smoker and decide to replace him with a better-looking, more virile actor


Jon Culshaw as Prime Minister
Tom Clarke Hill as Lieutenant Baker
Hamish McColl as Captain Davies
Christian Slater as Winston Churchill
Romany Malco as Denzil Eisenhower
Simon Rake as Reporter 1
James Long as Reporter 2
James Putnam as Reporter 3
Bob Mortimer as Potter
Vic Reeves as Bendle
Neve Campbell as Princess Elizabeth
Harry Enfield as King George V
Jessica Oyelowo as Princess Margret
Leslie Phillips as Lord W'ruff
Nigel Harrison as Jack
Peter Richardson

Upon entering the cinema to see this movie today, I had very low expectations for this movie. Leaving the cinema, I was entertaining, funny and not robbed of my £ 5.30.

Expected this movie to be a gung-ho version of how Americans viewed the war. That is what I have, but the film actually joked in the state of the mega-budget American dramas Historcal. The idea of the film was excellent, the story, although very thin laced with an excellent package and well placed jokes one line.

This is clearly a British Film. The whole aspect of the film was British. A large proportion of Britons were cast. If you are British, have a basic knowledge of WW2 and the British sense of humor, loves it.

You only have to look at the cast, see what kind of film that is receiving. British comedy in front of Steve Pemberton and Mackenzie Crook shone.

In general, this is not the greatest or most entertaining movie of the year, but if you want a typically British film and go see it!
I had this sitting on my shelf for a time to have bought as part of a job lot of DVDs. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie is much smarter than it seems, with several jokes and knowing in nominations to know that there is "Comic" and also enjoy taking the mickey of chauvinism, of any nation. For those who do not get that this is a satire rather than a parody, taking into account the way that 'Churchill' offers W'ruff Enigma machine to the Lord in one of the first scenes.

So you do not rip roaring - so what? If you want the same back then heated jokes Scary Movie franchise is probably more of his street. This is more than Richardson, Pete "The Beat" or "CA." It is brave of the producers of films to throw money into this type of production, instead of dropping the TV and have to make concessions. The money is on the screen. It is a good time for movies.

Reeves and Mortimer for me to play well on their way to the hammy cameos. Slater joke and takes a piece of Charlie Sheen and the film Hot Shots. The only disappointment is that Miranda Richardson is so under used.

It is not a popcorn movie for the modern world of MTV and Big Brother, but certainly worth seeing once as a balance against such a bitch Michael Bay holidays Armageddon or Pearl Harbor.

Download Churchill: The Hollywood Years
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