The Woodsman

Download Woodsman, The
Download Movie The WoodsmanAfter twelve years in prison, Walter arrives in an unnamed city, moves into a small apartment across the street from an elementary school, gets a job at a lumberyard, and mostly keeps to himself. A quiet, guarded man, Walter finds unexpected solace from Vickie, a tough-talking woman who promises not to judge him for his history. But Walter cannot escape his past. A convicted sex offender, Walter is warily eyed by his brother-in-law, shunned by his sister, lives in fear of being discovered at work, and is hounded by a suspicious local police officer, Detective Lucas. After befriending a young girl in a neighborhood park, Walter must also grapple with the terrible prospect of his own reawakened demons.


Eve as Mary-Kay
Kevin Bacon as Walter
David Alan Grier as Bob
Kyra Sedgwick as Vicki
Benjamin Bratt as Carlos
Carlos Leon as Pedro
Michael Shannon as Rosen
Kevin Rice as Candy
Mos Def as Sgt. Lucas
Hannah Pilkes as Robin
Jessica Nagle as Annette
Liam Daniels as Boy at playground
Joey Hazinsky as Cherub
Clara Infinity Daniels as Little Girl on Bus
Ashley C. Coombs as Girl on Bus
Nicole Kassell

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