The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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(drama, horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie The Exorcism of Emily RoseThe nineteen years old Catholic college girl Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) dies a couple of days after being submitted to an exorcism carried out by her parish priest, Father Moore (Tom Wilkinson). Emily believed she was possessed by six demons, and although authorized by Emily and he parents, Father Moore is accused of negligent homicide, since he had suggested Emily to interrupt the use of medications for epilepsy. In order to avoid a scandal, the Archdiocese hires the successful, ambitious and agnostic lawyer Erin Bruner (Laura Linney), and the prosecution assigns the religious prosecutor Ethan Thomas (Campbell Scott). Along the days, there is a battle between science and religion in the court.


Laura Linney as Erin Bruner
Tom Wilkinson as Father Moore
Campbell Scott as Ethan Thomas
Jennifer Carpenter as Emily Rose
Colm Feore as Karl Gunderson
Joshua Close as Jason
Kenneth Welsh as Dr. Mueller
Duncan Fraser as Dr. Cartwright
JR Bourne as Ray
Mary Beth Hurt as Judge Brewster
Henry Czerny as Dr. Briggs
Shohreh Aghdashloo as Dr. Adani
Steve Archer as Guy in Bar
Arlene Belcastro as Praying Woman #2
David Berner as Karl's Corny #1
Scott Derrickson

This is an interesting film. Although not terribly frightening, the juxtaposition of the movie theater room, and the exorcism scenes are intriguing. It seemed to be less stereotypical demonic possession film (ie: The Exorcist), and more than a movie that makes you think of the possibilities and challenge our more modern and scientific justifications for the things that sometimes can not be explained adequately Through these means. That is based on the alleged possession of Anneliese Michel (around 1970, Germany) made the movie more disturbing. The actor performances, though not exceptional, are at least attractive. The special effects are quite limited, but well done. However, it is a film that "s certainly worth seeing.
With the exception of the title, "Emily Rose" vs "Anneliese Michel," this was an excellent adaptation of the book. In fact, one of the consultants Felicitas Goodman, author and anthropologist who studied this case and in my opinion, is the owner of the audio of the ritual.

It is actually more of a theater hall. However, there is no sparing of pure psychological terror. All and all an excellent movie. Other posters have noted that belief in Christianity or the lack thereof, is not shoved down the throat of the viewer. It allows one to form their own opinion.

My only concern, the rating PG-13. Way too intense for viewers 10-13 years of age or younger.

Download Exorcism of Emily Rose, The
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