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(family, short)
Download Movie WaitingThings are not what they seem at a lonely bus stop nestled in a small New England town. It's a crisp winter morning with a landscape painted of fresh snow. A beggar takes shelter from the frozen wind and in his hand he clutches a brown paper bag. During his stay, he encounters three young ladies going shopping, a jogger, a business woman and a newly married couple. Each views him from their own perspective. They come and go, but he does not follow. A bus pulls up, but he does not board. With the hint of something "more" in his demeanor, he just waits.


Tom Erb as Street Bum
Danielle Lozeau as Business Woman
Nicole Kong as Jogger
Michele Boyd as Young Wife
Bobby Baldassari as Young Married Couple
Jennifer Amenta as Girl going shopping #1
Melissa A. Cleary as Girl going shopping #2
Renee Coro as Girl going shopping #3
Michael O'Connor

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1. Waiting
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3. John Adorney - Waiting For The Moon
4. Doors - Waiting For The Sun
5. Jean Michel Jarre - Waiting For Cousteau
6. KLF - Waiting For The Rites Of Mu

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